Laughable Sister Jokes to Put an End to Sibling Rivalry

If you have a sister, then you know that they can be pretty funny. Sisters love to tease each other and get under one another’s skin. 

The banter between sisters can make for some of the best laughs in your life! However, sibling rivalry is no laughing matter.

It is important to find ways to put an end to this kind of behavior so you both can live peacefully together as adults. In this blog post, we will share with you the Laughable Sister Jokes that are sure to put an end to all of those fights!

Funny Remarks & Conversations About Sister

  • Apparently, my sister is very smart, she says that onions are the only food that makes you cry. So I hit her with a coconut. 
  • My sister bet me $100 that it was impossible for me to build a working car out of spaghetti. You should have seen her face as I drove pasta.
  • Although I miss my sister, I aim to get better.
  • While growing up, my parents always told me to try again when you fail, which is why I have a little sister.
  • Suddenly my sister came up to me and said, “Mom told me to take the trash out for the rest of the year. Are you free tomorrow?”
  • My twin sister always takes the stairs, but I prefer the elevator. I guess we were raised differently.
  • My sister hates it when I invade her privacy; it’s written right here in her diary.
  • A few weeks ago, my sister got married and now has 16 husbands. There are four richer, four poorer, four better, and four worse.
  • Let’s play Cinderella. You can be the ugly step sister.
  • My sister asked me to give her something hard to write on. I don’t know why she got so mad at me. Sand is difficult to write on.
  • Brother: You’re nuts! Sister: What do you mean? You’re the one with the nuts!
  • Son: My sister is named Paris. Why? Dad: Because we conceived her in Paris. Son: Thanks, dad. Dad: No problem, Quarantine.
  • My sister recently lost her tongue in a bad accident. I would like to make a joke about it, but I think it would be very tasteless.
  • It turns out that Cardi B’s sister is a fitness instructor, named Cardi O.
  • When I feel ugly, I think of my sister and feel better.
  • He told me he no longer wanted to be my brother, but now my sister.

We have Mom Jokes and Dad Jokes for you as well that will surely provide fun moments with the family. 

Hilarious Sister Jokes

  • When your sister is crying, what do you say to her? “Are you in a crisis?””
  • How did the Redneck locate his sister in the woods? Attractive.
  • How would you describe a helpful sister? Assister.
  • Darth Vader has a sister, did you know? Her name is Ella.
  • Sally has 100 sisters, but why does she have so many? Her home is an orphanage.
  • What do little sisters like to ride? A nissan.
  • Is there any difference between my phone and my sister? I actually give a damn if my phone dies.
  • What is the procedure for circumcising someone from Alabama? Kick his sister in the jaw.
  • Is there anything the pond brother told his lake sister? Oasis! (Oh hey sis!)
  • Did the tree say anything to his sister? Wood you please leaf me alone you son of a birch.
  • Are you familiar with the party a little boy had for his sisters dolls? It was a Barbie-Q.
  • Is it possible to circumcise a hillbilly? You strike his sister in the jaw.
  • What do you call a crazy-in-every-way sister? A sissy.
  • What makes you so annoying? A younger sister.

Sisters are the most annoying person in our lives, but they are fun to be with and know every embarrassing story you have about when you were a kid! They can make us laugh all day or drive us crazy. Share these hilarious sister jokes that will surely put an end to sibling rivalry for good!

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Make your siblings laugh with these hilarious family pranks, and don’t forget just to love and not fight!

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