Brother Jokes That Will Make Your Laugh Cheeks Redder

There is at least one brother who is always cracking jokes, is always crazy, and loves to be annoying all the time.

It’s usually pretty ridiculous and makes you want to roll your eyes or laugh hysterically when we hear these jokes about brothers. But we can’t help it!

Every time one of our brothers tells a joke about being bald or getting an egg thrown in their face, we love them. So here are most funny brother jokes for you to enjoy.

Brother Jokes

  • Can you tell me what a brother’s favorite fruit is?
    • Bro-berries!
  • What made the brother go to the bank?
    • To check his “broalance”!
  • What do you do to make your brother smile?
    • Tell him a “bro” joke!
  • Is there a reason why the little brother brought a ladder to bed?
    • Because he wanted to have sweet dreams on a high bed!
  • What’s the point of brothers playing hide and seek with the sun?
    • Because it always “rays” on their parade!
  • At the computer, what did one brother say to the other?
    • “You’re my favorite ‘URL’!”
  • What is the name for two brothers from Alabama?
    • Super Smash Bros.
  • The wife of an elephant’s mother’s brother is called what?
    • Eleph-aunt.
  • Have you ever heard that Bruce Lee has a vegan brother?
    • His name is Broco Lee.
  • Did you know Aaron Burr had a brother who was constantly falling over?
    • His name was Tim.
  • What was José’s brother’s name?
    • HoseB.
  • Has R2-D2 ever had brothers?
    • No, only Transistors.
  • When the German kid pushed his brother off a cliff, what did he say?
    • “Look, mother, no Hans!”
  • How did the cow refer to his best friend?
    • Brother from an udder mother.
  • How about a joke about Sodium Hypobromite?
    • NaBro.
  • After the Wright brothers flew away, what did they call them?
    • The left brothers.
  • Who are the female equivalents of blood brothers?
    • Blood blisters.

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Funny Puns About Brothers

  • Did you notice Thor put a hint of eye shadow and subtle rouge on his brother’s cheeks?
    • It was pretty Loki.
  • Son: Dad, why did you name my sister Paris?
    • Dad: Because she was made there.
    • Son: Thanks!
    • Dad: You’re welcome, Backseat.
  • Since the storm began, my brother has been looking out the window.
    • I should probably let him in. 
  • A friend said that my brother could not date someone without feet…
    • So I guess he is lack-toes-intolerant.
  • My brother was told not to stand too close to the trees in our backyard.
    • I don’t know why but they seem shady.
  • Initially I did not want to believe my brother was stealing…
    • but when I got home all the signs were there.
  • My older brother gifted me comic books that had their last pages missing.
    • I had to come up with my own conclusions.
  • I have a half brother.
    • From mother or father?
    • No, chainsaws.
  • A Mobius strip caused my brother and I to argue.
    • I told him there was no need to argue, we were both on the same side.
  • I have a brother who believes firmly in Flat Earth Theory
    • but he is beginning to come around.
  • My half brother is 6ft 3inches tall…
    • imagine if he were my full brother.
  • My brother would like to jump out of a plane,
    • so I warned him about the downfalls.
  • While my brother and I laugh at how competitive we used to be,
    • I laugh more.
  • A carton of milk was thrown at me by my brother.
    • How dairy!
  • When my brother froze a dollar in ice,
    • I called it cold hard cash.
  • Eventually, I hooked up with that girl who said, “You’re like a brother to me.”
    • I replied, “Well, if you incest”.
  • I found out today that I have an identical twin brother.
    • I was beside myself when we finally met.
  • My brother went outside and was amazed at what he found.
    • I warned him not to go out in the storm!
  • My brother, who is a cowboy, always sits on the stove when he comes to visit us because it makes him feel at home…
    • like he’s on the range.

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Author’s Note

Brothers are funny. They’re always trying to out-joke each other and make their siblings laugh. Share your favorite memories and jokes your brother shared in the comments section below. 

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