The Best Motivational Songs of All Time That Were Made to Lift Our Spirits

Most people have their own go-to songs to lift their spirits, but not many people know that songs can also be used to lift spirits. The power of music! 

Whether you hear a song for the first time or the hundredth, every song has a different impact on us. Songs can have a truly transformative effect on us, so powerful that they inspire us and leave us feeling ready to face whatever may come.

Regardless of what you’re going through, sometimes it’s good to just sit back and listen to some inspiring music. Check out these motivational songs that will make you feel better.

Motivational Songs of All Time

  • Dream On  – Aerosmith

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler wrote “Dream On” when the band was struggling. Needless to say, they succeeded, and we now have this fantastic song about pursuing our dreams.

  • Don’t Stop Believin – Journey

This is one of the greatest inspirational songs ever written. It’s all about persevering through hardships and attaining your full potential, whatever that may be.

  • Imagine – John Lennon

This instant classic by John Lennon inspires a vision of a better world and shows how we can all join together to make that vision a reality.

  • All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

All You Need Is Love” reminds us all of the power of love in our lives and how it is both the most important and all we need. A song like this is ideal for people who like inspirational quotes or have an appreciation for emotion-driven lyrics.

  • Hero – Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s “Hero” reminds you that you can be your own hero. A timeless message that always has and always will stand the test of time.

  • Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi

Sometimes in life, everything is wrong, and we seem to be hanging by a thread. The song “Living On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi is one of the best songs for listening when you’re struggling.

  •  Hall of Fame – The Script

You will be reminded of your worth and what you can accomplish through this song.

  • Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” is the quintessential song to play when you’ve been challenged and need the strength to get back up and keep going.

  • Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

Many who love the song describe the song as saving them from a difficult time. Although it isn’t as famous as Lovato’s other hits, it has some of the most powerful lyrics ever written.

  • What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

The song “What A Wonderful World” reminds us to look for and appreciate the little things in life. Although things may be tough sometimes, there is enough good in the world to inspire and motivate us to live life to the fullest.

  • I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

This song is perhaps the greatest female power anthem ever written. “I Will Survive” is all about self-empowerment, recognizing your value, standing up for yourself and surviving heartbreak and disappointment.

  • Heal the World – Michael Jackson

One of many inspiring tracks by the late ‘King of Pop’, ‘Heal The World’ encourages us to better ourselves for greater good. As a result, you will find compassion and look inward. All of us are in this together.

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

Known as one of the most classics of all time, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” represents this magical place where everything will be better. It refers to this other place that is better than where we are now. Whenever you feel low and out, or when things seem hard, listen to this song. 

  • Walking On Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

Look no further if you want a happy song. There’s something upbeat about “Walking On Sunshine” that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face who hears it! 

  • It’s a Beautiful Day – U2

It doesn’t matter how bad your day may be, there is always something beautiful going on. Every day is a beautiful day in and of itself, as this song reminds us.

  • Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

When was the last time you started something new? What was it like? You won’t always have smooth sailing, but keep in mind why you started, or how that relationship felt at first, and strive to reinvent it.

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Whatever your goal may be. There might be obstacles on your way, but you can overcome them so that you can reach your goal.

  • Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

“You’re beautiful, No matter what they say” is one of my favorite lines. Everything has a certain beauty for someone. Positives win over negatives, so focus on the good.

  • Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Even if you’re down and feeling like a failure, this song will get you to stand up and keep fighting because “This is my fight song!”.

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  • You Gotta Be – Des Ree

“Listen as your day unfolds. Challenge what the future holds” is one of my favorite lines. Defining your goals and completing them for the day.

  • We are the Champions – Queen

All of us have had tough days when we feel like everything is stacked against us, but look back at how you dealt with it, and the lessons you learned from it.

  • Harder, Better, Faster – Daft Punk

In the song it says, “Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger”. Working smart increases your productivity. Focus on doing it smartly.

  • Perfect Day – Lou Reed

Enjoy some time off from your problems and take some time to take a break.

  • Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

Even though progress is slow, it is still being made.

  • Titanium – David Guetta featuring Sia

A motivational song like this can help you deal with challenging or stressful situations. If you want to release your frustrations, sing-along and scream the last line of the chorus. Give it a try. There will be a feeling of relief afterward.

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Author’s Note

Songs can make us feel better in many ways. They can shake us out of a bad mood, inspire us with love, or mellow us out when we are feeling overwhelmed. 

The majority of songs that have lasting effects on people are made to lift our spirits. This blog post has outlined some extra songs that will make you feel better when they come on stream or when you hear them for the first time. We hope this blog was helpful for your mood!

You can be healthier by listening to music. Find out how.

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