Funny-ish Burger Jokes to Make Your Grill Go Round and Round

What is your opinion of burgers? I mean, really. There’s nothing better than a juicy burger topped with lots of toppings and sauce. Sometimes, however, the thought of cooking on a grill can be intimidating – especially when you’re hungry and just want to eat! 

To help you grill this summer, we’ve collected some funny-ish jokes. While your burger is cooking, try out these funny burger jokes and stories to keep everyone amused.

Burger Jokes

  • What is the best way for a burger to introduce his wife? Hi, Meet Patty.
  • On the Titanic, what type of burger is prohibited? An iceburger.
  • On a deserted island, what would you call a Burger King? Lord of the fries.
  • How do you refer to cows’ knees? Burger joints!
  • What do bees eat for lunch? Hum burgers.
  • What do cooking burgers and wives have in common? When the blood begins to ooze out, you turn them over so the brown side is facing forward.
  • When two burger buns emerge from the oven stuck together, what do you call them? Sesamese twins.
  • Toshinori Yagi’s favorite type of burger is? A Smash Burger.
  • What makes a burger have less energy than a steak? Because it’s in its ground state.
  • Is it possible for the burger to marry a hot dog? Only if they have a very frank relationship!
  • Have you heard about the burger that couldn’t stop making jokes? He was on a roll!
  • What do they do to prevent crime in Burger country? With burger alarms!
  • What is the secret to making a hamburger smile? Pickle it gently!
  • Why do some people dislike cheeseburgers? They say, ‘Burgers can’t be cheesy!’
  • Burgers’ motto – what is it? If at first, you don’t succeed, fry, fry again!
  • Do fast-food restaurants have security systems? Burger Alarms.
  • The burger was thrown out of the army for what reason? Because he couldn’t pass the mustard.
  • What was the purpose of hiring the pig at the restaurant? He was good at bacon burgers.
  • How does a burger acquire good taste? With a little seasoning!
  • How did they treat the burger who thought he was a rooster? Cook-a-doodle-do!
  • When the Burger Enlisted in the Army, what did they tell him? You’ve got no beef, soldier!
  • When two burgers fall in love, what happens? They live together in holy meatrimony!
  • When do burgers quit working? The day they decide to meat LOAF!
  • What is the place where a burger feels at home? On the range!
  • Are there any people the burgers hate? The ones who are always putting the bite on them!
  • Is it possible to make a hamburger do the Hula? Sure, order a burger and a shake!

Burger Short Stories 

  • The other night, I went on a date. After removing the pickles from her burger, she cut them in half. That’s dill breaker material for me.
  • There was a Burger who kept making jokes. He was on a roll.
  • The process of buying burgers is similar to dating. Getting the ones with more fat will give you more flavor, but getting the leaner ones will make you look better.
  • A while back, we went to a burger joint. At the time, my son, who was 8 years old, ordered sliders. As the waitress brought our orders, his plate fell and food went everywhere. He looked at me straight-faced and said, “I guess that’s why they call them sliders.

My guess is you laughed out loud at these jokes if you love hamburgers! You must agree with me, right? These funny burger jokes are perfect to share with your friends and family at a barbecue or cookout this summer. So grab some ketchup and enjoy reading these hilarious burger jokes!

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