TOP Spain Jokes and Stories That Will Make You LOL

Spanish people are some of the funniest, and most creative people on the planet. The Spanish language is a very expressive one, so when it gets put into jokes and stories they often make you laugh out loud! 

In this blog post I will share with you my favorite Spain jokes and stories that will have you rolling on the floor laughing in no time!

Funny Spain Jokes

  • Why did the Spanish chef get booted out of the kitchen?
    • Because he was searching for the perfect “pasta” sauce, but all he found was “salsa” dancing on the counter, turning dinner into a spicy salsa party!
  • What’s the name of a Spanish superhero?
    • Pan-tomato Man, the bold guardian of tapas, with the incredible power to turn any snack crisis into a fiesta!
  • What kind of music really spices up a Spaniard’s life?
    • Castanet and roll – it’s the sound of passion and percussion that makes even Flamenco dancers jealous!
  • Why don’t Spanish cows aspire to become musicians?
    • Because they’re utterly confused about finding the right “moo-sic” note, and they’re too busy grazing to practice their “dairy” tunes!
  • When you sit in a Spanish field, what do you get?
    • Gracias.
  • Is there a difference between a smart Spaniard and a unicorn?
    • No, they’re both fictional characters.
  • What bus travels from Spain to America?
    • ColumBUS.
  • When you are alone in Spain, what do you call a hangover?
    • Barf-a-lona.
  • What are the reasons why Spaniards don’t play hide and seek?
    • Because nobody will look for them.
  • Have you heard that cats have risen up in Barcelona and declared independence from Spain?
    • They call themselves the Republic of Catalo-nya.
  • Does sunbathing exist in northern Spain?
    • Or is it Basqueing?
  • What is the Spanish name for someone with a rubber toe?
    • Roberto!
  • Why are people who flew from Spain always dry, even if it rains there?
    • Because the rain in Spain stays mostly in the plane.
  • In Spain, how do you make pigs move?
    • Jamon, you say!
  • What is a rental car called in Spain?
    • A Barceloaner.
  • When Rowan Atkinson performed in Spain, how did he introduce himself?
    • Soy Bean.
  • The two quizzers had a date at Comic Con in Spain. What do you call them?
    • Spanish con-quiz-daters.
  • Why is Spain such a good football team?
    • There was no expectation of The Spanish Inposition!
  • How does every Spanish joke begin?
    • By looking over your shoulder.
  • What do Captain America and Spain have in common?
    • A horrific Civil War.

Hilarious Spain Stories

  • I feel bad for my friend in Spain.
    • “Has December been a good week for you?” I asked.
    • He replied that it had been a mes.
  • People always ask where I got my intricate tattoo, but they don’t believe me when I say Spain.
    • No one expects the Spanish ink precision.
  • A private jet is keeping the King of Spain confined to his palace until his Covid-19 results have been announced.
    • In Spain, the monarchy mostly stays on the plane.
  • I used to live in Aragon, Spain.
    • Then I left.
    • I’m Aragone.
  • A mailman told me he was leaving for Spain tomorrow, so I asked him if his destination was Parcelona.
    • He proceeded to ignore what I believe was my best joke.
    • I probably didn’t say it correctly.
    • The key to a good mailman joke is the delivery.
  • When I visited Spain, I couldn’t stop admiring the architecture.
    • It was very Moorish.
  • When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, I started looking for a name.
    • I chose Juan Carlos and took the first flight to Spain.
  • Now I understand why Spain is so good at football.
    • Nobody expects the Spanish in position.
  • I would like to experience Spain once in my life,
    • but life always takes the “S” away from it.
  • My uncle moved to Spain to sing at night and sell UPVC windows during the day.
    • He changed his name to…. Enrique Doubleglazius.
  • When I arrived in Spain to attend the Running of the Bulls, I found only cows with fake horns attached.
    • I was in a shambles.
  • To all the people of Madrid who are suffering…
    • I feel your Spain.
  • Unfortunately, my Omega watches have been stolen in Spain.
    • Adios Omegas!
  • As I unpacked my luggage after arriving at the hotel in Spain, I realized I didn’t pack my toiletries bag.
    • After the long flight, I desperately needed some stuff from my bag, so I went to the nearest shop.
    • I asked the Spanish man behind the counter if he had any deodorant and he replied in a broken English accent “ball or aerosol” confused I replied “no no just for my armpits please”.

The Spanish Food Quiz

Author’s Note

Spain is a country that is rich in history, culture, and cuisine. From the flamenco dance to the bullfighting, Spain has a unique and vibrant personality that is hard to resist. Not to mention, the country is known for its sunny beaches, delicious tapas, and world-renowned wines.

So, if you’re looking for a place to experience a mix of old-world charm and modern-day excitement, Spain is the perfect destination. And always remember, when in doubt, order another round of sangria!

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