Iowa Jokes That Are Actually Funny and Worth Sharing

It’s a well-known fact that the Midwest is a funny place. The funny Iowa jokes are not too different from the ones you find in other states. However, they tend to be a little bit more sophisticated. 

In fact, many people say that Iowa has some of the best comedians in the world. The reason for this is that everyone in Iowa is pretty laid back and has a sense of humor that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

If you’re looking for jokes that will make you laugh, look no further than this blog. You will find humorous and entertaining Iowa jokes that will make you and your friends laugh out loud.

Funny Iowa Jokes

  • What is the best way to tell if the toothbrush was invented in Iowa?
    • If it were invented anywhere else, we’d call it a teethbrush.
  • What makes all the corn in Nebraska lean east?
    • Because Iowa sucks! 
  • UNI had to end its water polo program for what reason?
    • All the horses drowned!
  • Is there a difference between a U of I graduate and a park bench?
    • A park bench can support a family.
  • Have you heard about the Iowa farmer who wore only one boot in the winter?
    • He heard there was a 50% chance of snow!
  • What do Iowa corn and Iowa football have in common?
    • They’re both better than what Nebraska has to offer.
  • Do you want to know why most creeps live in Iowa?
    • Because they’re always stalking around.
  • Why does the NFL not give Iowa a professional football team?
    • Because then Minnesota would want one.
  • Have you heard about the fire at the Iowa governor’s mansion? 
    • Almost took out the whole trailer park. 
  • What is Iowa’s most popular pickup line?
    • Nice tooth! 
  • Why did Forrest Gump choose Alabama over the University of Iowa? 
    • He wanted an academic challenge!
  • An Iowa Rolls-Royce is what?
    • A John Deere tractor.
  • What is the difference between a prize-winning show at the Iowa State Fair and the University of Iowa Homecoming Queen?
    • 15 pounds and a moustache!
  • What is the purpose of the natural grass on Kinnick stadium?
    • So the dance line can graze.
  • When someone moves from Minnesota to Iowa, what happens?
    • The IQ of both states goes up.
  • What is the purpose of their stadium’s artificial turf?
    • So the cheerleaders stop grazing on it.
  • What can you do to get an Iowa grad off your porch?
    • Pay him for the pizza.
  • What does Iowa corn have in common with Iowa football?
    • They’re both better than what Nebraska has to offer.
  • Is there anything good that comes out of Iowa?
    • Interstate 35.
  • Have you heard about the cool thing that just happened in Iowa?
    • Me neither!
  • There are three vowels and consonants in Iowa. What does that mean?
    • Iowa is 75 percent awesome.
  • What do Iowa State Cyclones do on Halloween? 
    • Pump kin!
  • When you see John Deere tractors at an Iowa McDonald’s on a Saturday night, what do you call them?”
    • Mary asked the audience. “Prom.”

Humorous Iowa Puns and Stories

  • A physics teacher in rural Iowa told me I’d pass his class when pigs fly because I wasn’t applying myself.
    • Well, I tried harder but ended up getting expelled, even though he never specified that the pig had to sustain flight on its own.
  • There is no state in the USA that is more empty than Iowa, according to a friend of mine.
    • I told him “Idaho about that”.
  • My son will attend college in a town in Iowa…
    • He Ames to get a good education.
  • I came up with a joke about Iowa.
    • It’s too corny.
  • Someday I hope to explore all the cool things in Madison County, Iowa…
    • But I’m just not ready to cross those bridges.
  • I moved to Iowa so I could,
    • Cedar Rapids.

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Crazy Iowa One-Liners

  • Sanders is such a socialist…
    • he gave Hillary Clinton half the vote in Iowa.
  • Only in Iowa can you…
    • watch your dog run away for three days.
  • If you know you have to listen to the weather forecast before getting dressed in the morning,
    • you’re from Iowa. 
  • Iowa is so hot,
    • we installed fans outside.
  • Among Nebraska’s rivals,
    • Iowa has a similar history and program success to Nebraska’s.

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Iowa is known for its lack of natural resources and fertile land. This has led to some clever jokes that come out of the state. It is worth sharing them with your loved ones. Have fun and laugh until your stomach hurts.

Although some may consider Iowa to be a “flyover state,” if you dig a little deeper, you will discover that the state has a very unique culture and history. Find out 15 interesting facts about the city.

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