FIFA Jokes That Make You Laugh Until You Score a Goal

With a huge fan base all around the world, a lot of jokes are being made about the stars and the teams. Here, we have a list of the funniest FIFA jokes. Make sure you read them before the World Cup ends!

Soccer is a sport that the whole world knows about and loves, and the biggest soccer event is the FIFA World Cup. It has been entertaining audiences since 1930, and it has grown to become the biggest event in the world.

FIFA Jokes

  • What makes Bruno Mars an ideal candidate to appear on FIFA? Because he is dripping with finesse!
  • What is the best way for FIFA players to charge their phones? With VOLTAs!
  • Where is Switzerland’s most extravagant brothel, with the most expensive hookers? The FIFA headquarters.
  • Is there a teacher who is the favorite of FIFA players? Miss Terry Ball!
  • When watching the World Cup from the beanstalk, what did the giant say? FIFA – fo – fum.
  • If Liverpool’s midfield steals your car, what should you do? Call the Klopps!
  • FIFA underwent surgery for what reason? They had to remove their Blatter.
  • Is there a good way to protect your house from bad football? A Guard-iola dog!
  • Fifa’s president, secretary general, and communications director are all in a car. Which one is driving? The police.
  • Have you heard about the latest FIFA scandal? Turns out Lionel was a little Messi in his financial records.
  • If England won the World Cup, what would an English football fan do? Stop playing FIFA and go to bed.
  • What makes Man City better than Everton? They have twice as much Silva!
  • What makes creationists prefer FIFA to PES? Because PES is Pro Evolution Soccer.
  • What are the differences between That Luang cave boys and FIFA World Cup? The boys are coming home.
  • Is there a football team that loves ice cream? Aston Vanilla!
  • Why does FIFA never coincide with the summer olympics? Because all the players are on the diving team.
  • Is there a difference between The Oscars and The FIFA World Cup?‬ A flop doesn’t win an award at The Oscars.
  • What is the common bond between database engineers, carpenters, and FIFA players? They all fix tables.
  • What do you call someone who hates EA Sports? Anti-FIFA.
  • What do footballers do to stay cool? They sit next to their fans!
  • Was there a favorite footballer among the sheep? Paul PogBAAA!
  • Is there a difference between the 2018 Fifa World Cup and 21 Savage? Only one came home.

Hilarious FIFA Puns & Stories

  • Mauricio Pochettino must have injured his leg. He always uses a Kane!
  • The other day, I went out and bought FIFA. It’s great being the Emir of Qatar.
  • Nike’s decision making process when considering whether or not to participate in the FIFA bribery scandal. Just do it!
  • Adam Johnson should remain on FIFA 16 in my opinion. Because it means that kids will get to play with him for once.
  • New features in FIFA 19: There is a possibility of a game being delayed by 15 minutes because of hooligans with flares.
  • I have an idea for a game. We give the players handguns and machetes, just like in FIFA. We will call it ‘Brazil’.
  • Mexico winning a game against Germany at the FIFA World Cup. Nobody expected the Spanish inquisition
  • The 2018 FIFA World Cup is underway. A frenchman alks down the street, where he bumps into an Englishman. The Frenchman asks: “How do you do, what are you doing?” Englishman: “Oh, nothing much, playing Croatia in the World Cup on Sunday!” Frenchman: “What a coincidence?! We’re playing them on Sunday!”

We all love football and we all love to laugh, so what better way to combine the two than to make some FIFA jokes. I hope these jokes made you laugh during your football games.

I hope you enjoyed these FIFA jokes and puns. We at Funny Jokes Today have created a lot of funny jokes for the whole family. Below you will find some of our funniest jokes.

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