Africa Jokes That You’ll Want to Share Over and Over

Throughout its history and culture, Africa has been a continent of rich culture. It is the culture of Africa that makes it so fascinating.

Our favorite thing about the continent is its humor and jokes. Here are some jokes that we grew up listening to and love to tell them again.

Hilarious Africa Jokes

  • Is there a reason why gambling is not allowed in Africa?
    • Because there are too many cheetahs.
  • In Africa, what do they call shoes with wheels?
    • SwaHeeleys.
  • Dark humor and U.S airstrikes: what do they have in common?
    • They’re normally pointed towards Africa and the Middle East.
  • In Africa, what is the most difficult animal to hunt?
    • The Polar bear.
  • Do you know how to get 10,000 followers?
    • Run through Africa with a bottle of water.
  • Can you tell me what the fastest land animal is?
    • The last chicken in a Kenyan village.
  • Is there a reason why the baby in Africa was crying?
    • It was having a mid-life crisis.
  • Is there a reason why Africa has never won the Olympics?
    • Because it’s a continent, dumbass.
  • The W in African stands for water.
  • In an Evil forest, cassava plants can be found only in Nigerian movies.
    • Who planted the Cassava?
    • Do spirits plant cassava too?
  • In a matchbox, what do you call four little dudes?
    • Vier okies!
  • What is the name of a South African who tells jokes?
    • Fanie. 
  • Would you be able to tell me how far south South Africa is?
    • South AF.
  • Witches no longer serve food in dreams in Nigeria because everything is so expensive.
    • Am I lying?
    • Okay, when last did you eat in your dreams?
  • There is a report in the news that Americans are sending their old clothes to poor Africans.
    • Seems like a waste of time in my opinion.
    • I’ve never seen an African with a 52 inch waist.
  • In some African cultures, people will say that they won’t curse their children, but whatever they do to them, their children will do the same for them.
    • Is this one a proclamation or a declaration?
  • The term “Every 60 seconds in Africa…” is really stupid.
    • It’s a known fact that Africans don’t get seconds.
    • It’s lucky if they get one serving.
  • African Politicians.
    • We have politicians who travel to the US when they need to work, to Dubai when they need to buy something, to Paris if they want to rest, to Europe if they want to study!
    • They only return to Nigeria when they want to die! So, is it a cemetery?”
  • Mosquitos in Africa be like…
    • It’s-a me! Malario!
  • South African Train Joke:
    • Van der Merwe goes to the railway station, and at the ticket office asks, ” I would like a return ticket, please.”
    • Ticket man: “Where to please?” Van: “Back here, of course, man!”
  • I never understood why bug types were so effective against dark types in Pokemon.
    • But then I thought about malaria in Africa and it all made sense.
  • It surprised me to learn that Elon Musk was born in South Africa.
    • I thought he was born in Mad-at-gas-car.
  • Europe is the home of vampires.
    • Because someone blessed the rains down in Africa.
  • You’re not truly South African unless you learnt all your general knowledge facts from Chappies Wrappers. 

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