Travel Trivia Questions & Answers That Every Tourist Should Know

As a travel enthusiast, you are always looking for things to do and see during your trips.

To travel and have the best time, you have to be prepared. Below are a list of fun travel trivia questions and answers that will help you get to know a new place better.

Traveling is about exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. Taking the time to learn as much as you can about a culture is a great way to immerse yourself in it.

Travel Trivia Questions & Answers

  • Before it became New York, what was the name of the city? New Amsterdam.
  • What is the country with the most time zones on the planet? France.
  • What country is unknowingly known for being larger than Pluto? Russia.
  • In the United States, which state’s name is only one syllable? Maine.
  • 4,000 years old is the second oldest tree. Where does it live? Iran.
  • In which part of the world is the best-preserved meteor crater? Winslow, Arizona.
  • The popular “Panama Hat” actually comes from which country? Ecuador.
  • The Great Wall of China was constructed using what popular grain? Rice.
  • In how many countries are royal families still in existence? 43. 
  • Which country is most prone to earthquakes? Japan.
  • What country considers thumbs up an insult? Iran.
  • How many miles of roads does the United States have? Over 253 million miles.
  • What country is considered the only archipelago state? Hawaii.
  • Which state is known as the land of enchantment? New Mexico.
  • Who was the first president to live in the White House? John Adams.

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World Trivia Questions & Answers

  • World-wide, how many different time zones are there? 24+.
  • What is considered to be the happiest language in the world? Spanish.
  • What is the largest art museum in the world? The Louvre.
  • What are the top five most spoken languages on earth? English, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindustani, Arabic. 
  • Which is the busiest cruise port in the world? The Port of Miami.
  • Which country has the most lakes in the world? Canada (with over three million lakes!).
  • According to their calendar, which country is seven years behind the rest of the world? Ethiopia (they go by the Coptic Orthodox calendar).
  • What country produces the most coffee in the world today? Brazil.
  • What is the most volcanogenic country in the world? Indonesia.
  • Today, how many different languages are spoken around the world? 7,139 languages.
  • Which Country has the most Muslims in the world? Indonesia.
  • What is the world’s most visited tourist attraction? Times Square.
  • Which continent is free of ants? Antarctica.
  • What state has the longest coastline? Alaska (6,640 miles of coastline).
  • Do you know which city in the world is the friendliest? Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • The tallest mountain and its location in the world? Mount Everest, Nepal/Tibet.
  • With 221,800 islands, this country has more islands than any other country. Sweden.
  • What’s the bicycle-friendliest city in the world? Copenhagen.
  • With a population of 37 million, which is the largest city in the world? Tokyo.

When traveling, it is important to build on your memories by collecting those surreal moments. The best type of traveler is the one who doesn’t just want to go sightseeing and people watch. 

They also have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and are constantly exposing themselves to new experiences. Remember these blog posts can help you build on that thirst and remember those valuable memories! 

Do you have any other interesting trivia to share? Please share your travel knowledge with us in the comment section below so that we can all learn from each other about travels.

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