Tokyo Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Your Head Off

Tokyo is one of the world’s most exciting cities. It is overwhelming to see how much there is to see, to do, and to learn. Tokyo is a city that is welcoming to westerners, but it is also full of surprises. You will be surprised by its beauty, by its people, and by its quirks.

This blog is full of Tokyo jokes, which are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Funny Tokyo Jokes and Puns

  • Why did the sushi chef go to Tokyo?
    • To get a taste of the big “roll” city! Turns out, Tokyo was just “rice” for his sushi skills!
  • What’s a sumo wrestler’s favorite dessert?
    • Tokyo-tapioca pudding! It’s the secret to their “heavyweight” success!
  • How do you greet someone in Tokyo?
    • With a friendly “Kon-ni-chewbacca!” May the soy sauce be with you!
  • Why did the robot visit Tokyo?
    • To upgrade its tech-nology! Because in Tokyo, even the robots get a software makeover!
  • What do you call a noodle-loving cat in Tokyo?
    • A Ramen-ticat! It meows for miso and purrs for udon!
  • When the Japanese forced all their best drivers to be in Fast and the Furious, what was it called?
    • Tokyo Draft.
  • What is the weather like in Tokyo today?
    • Crowdy.
  • In Tokyo, what do they eat for breakfast?
    • Japancakes.
  • In Tokyo, what did the cannibals eat?
    • Rawmen.
  • A Japanese bakery thief says what?
    • “I Tokyo cookie.”
  • How would you describe a homeless Japanese man?
    • Tokyo Drifter.
  • What is the purpose of shaving the legs of Japanese sumo wrestlers?
    • So you can tell them apart from the feminists.

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Hilarious Tokyo One Liners and Stories 

  • In the last few months, my coffee shop in Tokyo hasn’t had many customers.
    • It’s ok now though, people are starting to drift in.
  • It didn’t work out for my tryout with the Tokyo Olympic diving team.
    • But I made quite a splash with the judges.
  • A new casino opened recently in Tokyo.
    • It is called “Pokermon Go”.
  • As part of the next Fast and Furious movie, they will go undercover as ride share drivers in Asia.
    • It’s called Tokyo Lyft.
  • Asians can be divided into two types.
    • The kind you see drifting in Tokyo Drift, and the kind you see around roundabouts.
  • In a bar, two guys are drinking.
    • The one says to the other, “Did you know that a car runs over a man every hour in Tokyo?”
    • The other guy replied, “Poor guy! How can anyone live like that.”
  • The National Origami Museum in Tokyo has been vandalized.
    • We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.

Jokes About Tokyo Olympics

  • Knock, knock!
    • Who’s there?
    • Noah… 
    • Noah, who?… 
    • Noah good joke about the Summer Olympics in Tokyo?
  • Remember the camera man who focused on cockroaches during a live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics?
    • Not the camera we want, but the one we need.
  • Me during the Tokyo Olympics:
    • It’s so satisfying to watch people exercise while eating junk food.
  • The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will use recycled cellphones to make all of their medals.
    • Well, they’re going to make the Olympic torch out of a Samsung Galaxy.
  • Four medals were won by Romania in Tokyo this year.
    • Three of them were won in sweep or sculling.
    • They must have a high degree of row mania over there.

Touching Quotes About Tokyo

  • If Japan is enigmatic, then Tokyo is the heart of that riddle, its rhythm and essence so utterly alluring that it demands to be explored. It has a depth that keeps travellers in a constant state of rapture and delight. Whatever your vice, Tokyo has you covered.
    • Michael Ryan
  • Tokyo is like the New York of Asia. Although the people there are all basically from Japan, they celebrate what they like about various cultures.
    • –Pharrell Williams
  • Tokyo was an origami city folded over and over until something was made of virtually nothing.
    • –Christopher Barzak, The Love We Share Without Knowing
  • Tokyo is too close up to see, sometimes. There are no distances and everything is above your head – dentists, kindergartens, dance studios. Even the roads and walkways are up on murky stilts. An evil-twin Venice with all the water drained away.
    • –David Mitchell, Number9Dream

The Tokyo and Adventure Quiz

Author’s Note

Have these Tokyo jokes made you laugh so hard that you almost peed your pants? Jokes are funny, and they don’t get less funny with time. They are funny forever, and their funny quotient remains the same across all eras.

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