Funniest Duck Jokes That Will Have You Quack All the Way

Ducks are one of the most common animals you’ll find in a zoo, they’re also fairly common as pets.

Besides cats and dogs, ducks are estimated to be the most common type of animal in the world. One thing about duck jokes is that they’re universal.

You don’t have to know anything about the species or have ever seen one before to enjoy them. Check out these funny duck jokes that will make you laugh when you’re on your way to work.

Humorous Duck Jokes

  • What is storytime called when you read to ducklings? Ducktales.
  •  What time do ducks wake up? The quack of dawn.
  • How do you describe a duck that steals? A robber duck.
  • What’s the duck’s favorite part of the news? The feather forecast.
  • Can you guess which ballet is a duck’s favorite? The Nutquacker!
  • Ducklings love playing games. Which is their favorite? Beakaboo!
  • When ducks fly upside down, what happens? They quack up.
  • Have you ever seen a creature with fangs and webbed feet? Count Duckula.
  • Can you tell me what TV shows ducks watch? Duckumentaries.
  • What did the duck detective tell his partner? “Let’s quack this case.”
  • When ducks are sick, where do they go? To the ducktor.
  • When the waiter brought the check, what did the duck say? “Please put it on my bill.”
  • The duck went to the chiropractor for what reason? To get it’s back quacked.
  • When a duck bends over, what do you see? It’s butt-quack.
  • What caused the duck to fall down on the sidewalk? He tripped on a quack.
  • What was the purpose of including a duck in the basketball game? To make a fowl shot.
  • Ducks wake up at what time? The quack of dawn.
  • Ducks love soup, so what do they eat with it? Quackers.
  •  What causes ducks to quack? This is because they cannot moo, bark, or oink.
  • When it’s raining ducks and geese, what do you call it? Fowl weather.
  • Which side of a duck has the best feathers? The outside.
  • When ducks are fixing things in their house, what do they use? Duck tape!
  • How did the duck end up in detention? He couldn’t stop quackin’ jokes in class.
  • What do you get when you mix ducks and fireworks? Firequackers.
  • What made the duck get arrested? For selling quack.
  • When you put six ducks in a box, what do you get? A box of quackers.
  • What are the reasons that ducks migrate south during the winter? Because it’s too far to waddle.
  • Three ducks and a cow – what do you call them? Quackers and milk.
  • When a duck lays eggs with hiccups, what happens? It lays scrambled eggs.
  • Why don’t ducks grow up? Because they grow down.
  • Do you know what a clever duck is called? A wise quacker.
  • Can you please tell me what ducks should wear to fancy events? A duck-sedo!
  • When ducks make pancakes, what do they use? They use Bis-quack!
  • Which animal is a duck’s favorite at the zoo? Quackodiles.
  • When the duck dropped his plate, what did he say? “I hope I didn’t quack it!”
  • What made the duck go to the bank? She wanted to get more bills.
  • What makes ducks like campfires? They love seeing them quackle at night.
  • What did the cow say to the duck when she won the lottery? “You lucky duck!”
  • Do you know what a crazy duck is called? A wacky duck!

The duck is a very common creature in children’s books, and for good reason. They are cute, they have funny names like Daffy and Donald, and they always seem to be getting into trouble. What could be more entertaining than a bunch of ducks? Well, we’ve found these funniest duck jokes that will make you quack all the way! Make sure to share this with your family and friends.

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You’ll definitely laugh out loud while watching this funny ducks compilation.

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