Silly Butt Jokes That Will Have You Laughing Your Booty Off

Who doesn’t enjoy good a butt jokes? There’s nothing better than some raunchy bedroom humor. 

The human spirit is enhanced by humor, and everyone loves to laugh. Laughter helps us to see the good side of things. It is also a great stress reliever. Reading silly jokes is always fun, and hearing good jokes is also fun. 

This blog will have a collection of funny butt jokes that will have you laughing your booty off! 

Hilarious Butt Jokes & Puns

  • Is there a reason why the butt went to therapy?
    • It had too many cracks in its self-esteem!
  • One butt cheek whispered to the other, what was it?
    • “Together, we can stop this crap!”
  • Is there a reason why scientists don’t study butts?
    • Because they’re afraid of falling into a black hole!
  • Can you tell me what a pirate’s favorite letter is?
    • You might think it’s “R,” but it’s really the “C” (sea)!
  • The butt joined the circus for what reason?
    • It wanted to crack up the audience!
  • One butt cheek said what to the other?
    • “Between you and me it stinks in here.”
  • What did one buttcheek say to the other?
    • “Together we can stop this sh*t.”
  • What is the purpose of duck’s feathers?
    • To cover their butt-quack.
  • After the cannibal dumped his girlfriend, what did he do?
    • He wipes his butt.
  • What time do butts wake up?
    • At the crack of dawn!!!
  • How do you describe a guy whose hand is up a horse’s butt?
  • What is the Australian method of cleaning their butts?
    • Bidet, mate.
  •  What is the name of the butt that kills people?
    • An ASSassin
  • When a fly hits a windshield, what is the last thing that goes through its head?
    • It’s butt.
  • Did the dentist say anything to the butt?
    • That’s the largest cavity I’ve ever seen!
  • What is the reason for the smell of new pavement?
    • In other words, you can also call it A**-phalt.
  • Can you tell me which computer is the butt’s favorite?
    • The Tushiba.
  • What makes milking parlors smell like butt?
    • It’s all the dairy air.
  • To wipe your butt, what type of math equation do you need to solve?
    • Multi-ply.
  • What do you call a cow’s butt?
    • A dairy-ère.
  • What is the difference between Butte and Butt?
    • One is the rear of an organism, the other is the rear of Montana.
  • What do you call someone with two butts?
    • Biased.
  • What did the left butt cheek say to the right butt cheek?
    • Trump 2020.
  •  Did the butt say anything to the face?
    • It farted.
  • Your butt is so big you can slap it and ride the waves.
  • I only trust people who are fond of big butts.
    • They don’t lie.
  • Son: Dad I need a new butt.
    • Dad: Why son?
    • Son: Because mine has a huge crack in it.
  • Spinach and buttsex have a lot in common.
    • If you were forced to have it as a child. You’ll never enjoy it as an adult.
  • You’ve officially hit rock bottom if you slap Dwayne Johnson‘s butt.
  • A friend of mine got burned on his face and needed a skin graft, so I gave him tissue from my butt.
    • A cheek for a cheek as I always say!
  • A shattered piece of glass went into my butt after I sat on glass.
    • It was a real pane in the a**.
  • I’m considering becoming a proctologist who provides advice on people’s butts.
    • Anything I can r*ctum mend?
  • Please do not flush cigarette butts down the urinal.
    • They become soggy and difficult to light.
  • There is a group of butts walking.
    • Even the smallest struggles to keep up.
    • “Sorry, I’m a little behind.”
  • Scientists have discovered a fossilised dinosaur butt.
    • It must have been a megasaurus to have survived intact all that time.

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