Laughter-Inducing Microsoft Jokes That All Users Will Enjoy

Most of us have had to deal with Microsoft at some point in our lives. We’ve used their products, gone through their endless updates, and even met the company’s team members in person or virtually. 

This blog is full of humorous tales of Microsoft jokes and life. If you’ve ever used Microsoft products, you’ll know the pain of dealing with them. The one thing you might not know is that there are jokes about it!

Hilarious Microsoft Jokes

  • What makes PCs similar to air conditioners? They stop working properly if you open Windows! 
  • The number of Microsoft programmers needed to change a light bulb is how many? None. Bill Gates will just redefine Darkness(TM) as the new industry standard. 
  • Where do the employees of Microsoft work? Microsoft office.
  • If you download Microsoft Word multiple times, what do you get? Microsoft Sentence.
  • What makes Microsoft so bad at writing music? Because they can only use OneNote!
  • What if Bill Gates had a dime for every time Windows Vista crashed? Oh, wait a minute, he already does! 
  • The opposite of Microsoft Office is what? Megahard Onfire.
  • What does Microsoft Edge have in common with stainless steel? Both are at least 11% Chrome
  • WINDOWS stands for what? “Work is never done on Windows systems” 
  • What did Microsoft do to break Volkswagen’s world record? Volkswagen only made 22 million bugs! 
  • What did Microsoft say to the pretty girl in the room? Can I crash at your place tonight?
  • How about if you refer to Microsoft products as software? You probably call Burger King cuisine, Lauren Conrad talented, and Sarah Palin a genius!
  • Have you heard about the house Microsoft built? It excels in the outlook from its windows.
  • Is there a difference between a virus and Windows? Viruses rarely fail. 
  • What do Microsoft and Hollywood have in common? For each release they make it gets worse.
  • How do you refer to Uma Thurman’s computer crash movie? Kill Bill Gates. 
  • How do you refer to Windows Multitasking? Screwing up several things at once! 
  • After you get a tattoo of Microsoft’s founder, what are you going to receive? A Bill.
  • Do houses and Microsoft Windows have anything in common? Bugs come in through open Windows.

Pun-stable Short Microsoft Jokes

  • I farted in my local Microsoft store once. Luckily, they had Windows.
  • Microsoft makes a product that doesn’t stink one day. Is the day they make a vacuum cleaner.
  • The thief stole my Microsoft Office license key. I’ll come and get you thief! You have my Word.
  • Ice Cream Van has started teaching parents of people how to use Microsoft Office. Word to your mother.
  • I remember all the different printing styles Microsoft Word had in the past. Such font memories.
  • Today, I was feeling anxious about the future, but then I updated Microsoft Office. It improved my outlook.
  • Hermione Grange has been hired by Microsoft as a project manager. She’s in charge of spell-check.
  • Microsoft has opened an office inside my computer, I wonder why. These predatory businesses are getting out of hand.
  • I’m creating a company that will compete with Microsoft. Its called Macrohard.
  • Uninstalling Microsoft products makes me drunk with power. I don’t do it all the time, just when I need to remove the Edge.
  • Tonight, I’m posting an illegal copy of Microsoft Office for anyone to access. Just wait until the word gets out.

Microsoft jokes are a quick way to have a good laugh at work or on the weekend. Whether you are trying to cheer up a friend or co-worker, or just looking for a quick, light-hearted way to relieve stress, these Microsoft jokes are perfect for you.

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