High School Jokes That Will Have Your Classmates Laughing

In high school, you will experience many firsts. It is the first time that you get to explore the world on your own, full of possibilities of what your adult life could look like.

The most important thing in high school is your social life. When you’ve got time on your hands, jokes can serve as a good way of alleviating tension. We’ve got the best high school jokes that are sure to have your classmates on the floor laughing for hours.

Everyone is in high school for a reason. You’re a teenager, you have a lot of time to kill and a lot of hormones to process.

Funny High School Jokes

  • How do you make a high school student laugh on a Monday?
    • Tell them it’s already summer break! Watch them go from “ugh” to “yahoo” in no time!
  • Why did the pencil get a detention in high school?
    • Because it couldn’t stop drawing attention to itself! It was caught “graphite”-handed!
  • What’s a high school student’s favorite subject?
    • Lunch! It’s the one class where they can really “dig in”!
  • Why was the history book so popular in high school?
    • Because it had all the “past”-times! Those history books sure know how to make the past look interesting!
  • Why did the clock go to high school?
    • To get a little “second” education! It wanted to learn how to “tick” all the right boxes!
  • To change a light bulb, how many freshmen are needed?
    • None, it’s a sophomore course.
  • What do you call all the high school students who cannot attend school due to Covid-19?
    • Quaranteens.
  • Why don’t you see giraffes at elementary school?
    • Because they’re all in High School!
  • What made the freshman eat his homework?
    • Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake.
  • Do you know that all mathematics teachers in high schools are lonely?
    • You can tell by them always asking you to find the X.
  • What do you get when you cross Chemistry Advanced Placement with junior year?
    • Sadness.
  • Giraffes are known to learn. Where can you find one?
    • In High School.
  • Why do girls in high school travel in groups of three?
    • Because they just can’t even.
  • What made the high school teacher’s eyes cross?
    • She couldn’t control her pupils!
  • When should you climb the ladder?
    • To get to High School.
  • In high school, how do you know if someone is in a good relationship?
    • Because you’ve never heard of them.
  • On a Friday night, why can’t you do your calculus homework?
    • Because you can’t drink and derive.
  • What was the reason for the sadness in the geometry book?
    • Because it had too many problems.
  • The teenager’s report card was wet. Why?
    • It was below C level!
  • What made the teenagers decide not to go to the pirate movie?
    • Because it was rated arrrrr.
  • What is the name of the leader of an AP biology gang?
    • The Nucleus.
  • Can you name a bus you can never enter?
    • A syllabus.
  • What makes people do homework?
    • Because it doesn’t know how to do it itself.
  • What prevented the moebius strip from enrolling in the school?
    • They required an orientation.
  • In high school, what did Sir Mix-A-Lot say?
    • Baby Got Backpack.
  • Why can’t you do your homework faster than Rachael Leigh Cook?
    • Because “She’s All That”.

Pun-ny High School Stories

  • My high school bully still steals my lunch money.
    • On the plus side, he makes great Subway sandwiches!
  • The history teacher in high school lied to me!
    • On a regular basis, she would say, “history tends to repeat itself”.
    • To this day I’ve never seen reruns of the news.
  • After I graduated high school, my parents enrolled me in medical research.
    • The study examined sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption over four years.
    • Sure, they called it “college”, but I knew otherwise.
  • A guy spent ten years in high school.
    • He must have been really stupid, but not nearly as stupid as the guy who was there for 20 years.
    • The longer you spend in high school, the dumber you become.
    • That’s why I didn’t go.
    • I went to high school with a kid names Stains.
    • When the teacher said “Come Stains, in my office” the class couldn’t stop laughing.
  • My sewing project in high school received a C-.
    • The teacher’s only comment was…. Seams reasonable.
  • As a high school student, I was always voted “Most Secretive”.
    • I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.
  • As a high school student, I used anonymous sources rather than citations.
    • This was not allowed, because I was a ninth grader and not a journalist.
  • I viciously beat up my high school bully with a baseball bat years ago.
    • Both of his arms were broken.
    • Actually, that’s probably why I was so brave as to beat him up.
  • In high school, my summer job involves getting up at 1 in the morning with a glass of water and a paintbrush.
    • It isn’t very high paying, but I make dew.

The High School Social Life Quiz

Author’s Note

As students head back to school, they’ll be looking for ways to entertain themselves and their friends. These high school jokes can help teens pass the time and relax their minds after a long day of school. 

Enjoy our collection of the best jokes, quotes, and songs. Your day will be brightened and more enjoyable as a result. Here are a few of them. 

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