Funny Words To Say That Will Make People Laugh

Are you in a situation where you want to say something funny and want to add fun to your day? These 46 funny words to say will help you to make your day full of fun and laughter with your friends or family. Get ready to expand your vocabulary. 

It’s interesting how some words in the English language sound when you really think about them. It’s not just interesting, but weird and wacky as well. That’s what makes them so fun, isn’t it?

You’re in luck if you’re a person who loves speaking silly words throughout the day because we have compiled funny words you can start using right now.

Funny Words to Say

  • Fartlek
    • An activity runners do when they switch from sprinting to jogging.
  • Hullaballoo
    • Whenever there is a commotion, you can use this word.
  • Bumbershoot
    • A fun word that means “umbrella.”
  • Cattywampus
    • It’s actually a direction and means the same thing as saying something is catty-corner from something else.
  • Lollygag
    • The word is used to describe a person who is wasting time doing unproductive things.
  • Gardyloo
    • This is also known as a warning cry.
  • Bamboozle
    • The act of deceiving by underhanded means. 
  • Brouhaha
    • Reaction or response that is noisy and overexcited. 
  • Canoodle
    • Amorously kiss and cuddle. 
  • Malarkey
    • A bunch of rubbish, nonsensical.
  • Taradiddle
    • A lie, a nonsense, or a bogus statement. 
  • Nincompoop
    • Someone who is foolish or stupid.
  • Macaronic
    • Basically, it’s when two different languages are mixed together.
  • Dongle
    • Generally, it’s a device used to connect one computer to another.
  • Boondoggle
    • The term boondoggle refers to a project that is wasteful or unpractical.
  • Frippery
    • A garment that is elegant and showy.
  • Bougie
    • Using slang to act like you belong to a higher social class.
  • Pettifogger
    • Lawyers who are willing to do anything to win a case or score a client.
  • Whippersnapper
    • Young person who is insignificant or pretentious.
  • Hornswoggle
    • In order to trick.
  • Pooter
    • The jar is used for collecting small insects.
  • Taradiddle
    • This word refers to someone or something that is full of pretentious nonsense or a lie.
  • Bumfuzzle
    • A simple term used to describe someone who is perplexed, confused, or flustered. 
  • Ballyhoo
    • People make desperate attempts to get customers through blatant advertising or publicity. 
  • Wabbit
    • An expression used in Scottish to describe exhaustion.
  • Donnybrook
    • An uprising, a melee, or a riot. Alternatively, it can refer to an argument.
  • Diphthong
    • The sounds of “ou” in out and “oy” in boy are joined in one syllable to form one speech sound.
  • Billingsgate
    • Language that is coarse and abusive.
  • Jackanapes
    • Someone who is conceited and impertinent, a mischievous child, or a monkey.
  • Gubbins
    • Parings or refuse from fish.
  • Snickersnee
    • The act of fighting with knives by cutting and thrusting.
  • Ayahuasca
    • A hallucinogenic brew made from the Brazilian plant Banisteriopsis caapi. 
  • Rubaboo
    • The soup is made by boiling meat paste with vegetables and flour. 
  • Hoosegow
    • A jail. 
  • Winklepicker
    • It refers to shoes or boots with sharp-pointed toes.
  • Doodlesack
    • An alternative name for bagpipes.
  • Diddly-squat
    • It is used in a negative context to describe something that is insignificant and minimal. 
  • Doohickey
    • A doohickey is a “gadget; a dingus; a thingumbob.” 
  • Mugwump
    • This word also means “a person who cannot make up their mind on a controversial issue, especially in politics; a person who is neutral on an issue.” It represents an individual who refused to support James G. Blaine in the presidential campaign of 1884.
  • Snollygoster
    • It is a “clever, unscrupulous person.” 
  • Nudiustertian
    • The recent past (literally “the day before yesterday”).
  • Borborygm
    • An expression for the sound your stomach makes when it rumbles.
  • Cantankerous
    • Uncooperative or overly argumentative.
  • Goombah
    • A friend or associate who is older and protective.
  • Klazomaniac
    • As a symptom of severe psychosis, Tourette’s disorder, or autism, klazoclonia produces repetitive or compulsive shouting.
  • Fartshump
    • It is the Norwegian word for a speed bump. 

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Here are some funny jokes you’ll enjoy. You’ll laugh and your day will be brightened.

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