Sand Puns and Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Like a Wave

Sand is everywhere!

Sand, the heaviest substance on the earth, is also pretty heavy in terms of jokes. Literally as well as metaphorically. 

Keep digging deep and you’ll find ocean sand puns and jokes here. Definitely, you’ll have fun and have a laugh like a wave.

Hilarious Sand Puns and Jokes 

  • Why do sand particles avoid vacation?
    • They’re scared of experiencing “shore” stress relief!
  • What was the sand’s message to the tide?
    • “I’m about to out-beach you – I’ve got a sandy surprise up my dunes!”
  • How do you earn a Ph.D. in sand studies?
    • You embark on a “beach-tastic” journey of sandy self-discovery!
  • Why did the sunbathing sand turn crimson?
    • Because the ocean “seawed” its risqué sunbathing habits and made it blush!
  • What’s the sand’s go-to beach game?
    • It loves a round of “Sandy-go-seek,” where grains hide in plain sight!
  • Why don’t grains of sand pursue comedy careers?
    • Their humor is like the Sahara – incredibly “dry” and lacking punchlines!
  • Are Sands Hot?
    • Of coarse it is!
  • Which fruit is the sandiest?
    • Copacabanana.
  • What do you call an hourglass without sand?
    • A waist of time.
  • What do you call four Mexicans stuck in quicksand?
    • Quatro Sinco.
  • Do you know what a wicked beach bunny is called?
    • A sand witch!
  • What way did the sand king pay for his sand castle?
    • With sand dollars!
  • How do beaches greet one another?
    • With a ‘sandshake!’
  • What makes camel sand so colorful?
    • Camelflage.
  • What did the water ask the sand about touching it?
    • “Shore.”
  • What is causing the sand to become wet?
    • Because the sea weed.
  • When you give sand paper to a blind person, what do they say?
    • “That’s a small font.”
  • During a fight with the ocean, what did the sand say?
    • “Oh my God, you’re such a beach.”
  • Is there a difference between a wagon filled with sand and a wagon filled with newborns?
    • You cannot unload the sand with a pitchfork.
  • Why wouldn’t you starve on a desert island?
    • Because of all the sand which is there. 
  • Have you heard about that new shovel?
    • It’s groundbreaking.

Funny Sand One-Liners

  • The sea and the sand didn’t get along.
    • So whenever the sand asked the sea for something, he did nothing but wave.
  • ‘La La Sand’ is the most famous musical movie shown in the Sand Kingdom.
  • When the sand asked the gravel how he was, the gravel replied, “I am fine!”.
  • Sandpaper competitions can be challenging and rough, according to what I’ve heard.
  • Feeling fine and sandy.
  • Sandstorms used to be an exception to my rule, but I was recently proved wrong. Sand nudes. 
  • With all the sand Jay-Z has to deal with, he wonders what to do with it.
    • He’s got 99 problems but a beach ain’t one
  • There were no sand dollars in the ocean, I told my dad.
    • He said it was because we weren’t anywhere near the bank.
  • At my wedding, a big pile of sand stood up and asked everyone to raise their glasses.
    • Best man’s beach. 
  • I knew an actor who only performed on beaches.
    • He lived for the sanding ovations.
  • A house divided against itself cannot sand.
  • Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream… and another drink.
  • Not to brag, but my sandcastle faces the beach.
  • Sand underneath docks is particularly resilient. It doesn’t give in to pier pressure.
  • Let the waves wash over you and let the sand be your seat.

The Sand Dune Quiz

Author’s Note

Sand is an often-overlooked yet important part of our everyday lives. Think of all the sand on the beaches that we dream of going to. Sand is an important part of any beach vacation, but have you ever given it much thought? Check out these 10 interesting facts about sand. You’ll love this!

What’s your favorite sand joke from above, or do you have any that we missed? We’d like to know! Share it in the comments section below.

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