Moving Jokes to Keep You Sane During Your Move

Let’s face it, moving house is a stressful experience. 

In addition to relocating, the old house must be sold and the new house must be purchased. 

Add in a few kids and you have a recipe for disaster. Moving jokes are great for reducing tension and making the entire experience more enjoyable.

There won’t be any time to wait for your friends and family to laugh at these moving jokes. It will definitely help you get through your move.

Funny Moving Jokes and Puns

  • Is there a reason why the family wanted to move out when the neighbors were playing tennis?
    • Because they were a racquet!
  • What superhero is capable of stopping a moving car?
    • Peter *Parker*.
  • An electric car that isn’t moving is called what?
    • Static.
  • If you have a Pokémon that is unable to move fast, what do you call it?
    • A Slow-poke.
  • If an escalator stops working, what happens next?
    • Everyone stops and stairs.
  • Are you tired of packing?
    • Convince yourself that you don’t like the rest of your stuff. 
  • Let’s celebrate my housewarming.
    • Could you also bring a house?
  • We never opened these boxes after our last move. How come we are taking them with us?
    • Fear. And I like what they do in the basement.
  • Why do mathematicians find it so difficult to move on from relationships?
    • Because they’re always trying to find the x. They don’t know y, either.
  • Is there a dance move Stephan Hawking likes to do?
    • The robot.
  • And what did the winner of the not moving contest get in return?
    • Atrophy.
  • What did the artist say in order to move his vehicle?
    • Van Gogh.
  • I told my wife I saw someone fall under the bus today. She asked, Oh my God, was it moving?
    • I said, A few people were crying, but I was fine.
  • What is the favorite Karate move of fat boys?
    • A pork chop.
  • Is Donald Trump moving to Egypt for some reason?
    • To live in the state of de Nile.
  • Is there anything that runs around a yard without actually moving?
    • A fence.
  • On a chess board, why does the queen move more than the king?
    • Because it looks like a kitchen floor
  • A monkey’s favorite dance move?
    • The banana split.
  • Me: Officer, are you crying while you write me a speeding ticket?
    • Officer: It was a moving violation.
  • Why do musicians love moving to New York?
    • Because in New York, even the rats form successful bands!
  • Why did Coffee file a police report when it moved to Los Angeles?
    • Because it got mugged on its first day – everyone in LA wants a shot of espresso on their way to fame!
  • Why does every currency need a gym membership when it moves to the United States?
    • Because in America, every bill needs to be in good shape to survive – it’s all about the ‘buck’!
  • Why was the moving company I hired likely a bad comedian?
    • Because just when I thought the ‘show’ was over, they surprised me with another ‘box’ of unwanted ‘material’!
  • Why doesn’t St Peter make a good moving company manager?
    • Because every time someone tries to move a ‘sinful’ couch through the Pearly Gates, he can’t resist stopping them for a ‘judgment’ call!
  • Why did the moving box file a complaint at the local gym?
    • Because every time it went, it ended up getting ‘packed’ too tight and couldn’t handle the ‘weight’!

Hilarious Moving One Liners and Stories

  • I thought moving was a great idea until I started packing. 
  • The moving game:
    • Pick a box, and whatever you are looking for is not there. 
  • I just can’t take this long distance relationship anymore…
    • I’m moving the fridge into my room.
  • As soon as one door closes and another opens,
    • it’s time to pack up and move because your house is clearly haunted.
  • A cop had just pulled over a U-Haul.
    • He must be trying to bust a move!
  • Moving back in with your parents does not come with a free apartment.
    • There’s at least one or two of them.
  • Due to their military background, my kids are used to moving around a lot.
    • Because I use them for target practice.
  • Simba was moving too slowly.
    • So I told him to Mufasa.
  • Cattle transporters were hauling a bus of babies.
    • He tried to make them sit still, but they kept rotating.
    • I guess the veals on the bus go round and round.
  • I just received an email from my wife asking if we have any moving boxes.
    • I told her no.
    • All of our boxes are still there.
    • That’s why we purchased them from a stationary store.
  • The heart is where the home is.
    • Even if you can’t remember which box you packed it in.
  • I helped my friend move last week.
    • It’s a lot easier than helping him move.
    • I just went over to his house and made sure that he did not start to load anything into a truck. 
  • Unpacking during household moves can feel like an audition for Hoarders at times.
    • For weeks, I say, ‘just go around it’. 
  • I awoke hung-over to the sound of my neighbor mowing his lawn.
    • He’ll have to mow around me.
    • I’m not moving.
  • The other day, I attended a wedding.
    • It was so moving, even the cake was in tiers.
  • Earlier today, I contacted the animal shelter and informed them that I found six kittens in a suitcase in the woods.
    • They said, “are they moving?”
    • I replied “I don’t know, but that would explain the suitcase.”
  • My home is in NYC,
    • where people think moving south will solve their problems. 
  • Friends: You know, I’m always one text away. 
    • Me: I need your help with moving 
    • Friends: I mean for drinks. 
  • I want someone who is like the girl next door.
    • I’m just going to keep moving house ‘till I find her. 
  • When you are not happy with where you are, move.
    • You are not a tree. 
  • Moving Tips:
    • Be sure to overestimate how many boxes and supplies you’ll need. They get used up pretty quickly. 
  • Hiring movers if you are over 35 is a good idea.
    • Your friends are too old.
    • Nobody wants to slip in a disc for pizza and 2 bud lights. 

Moving is a stressful time and not a lot of people are able to see the funny side of it. But, as you know, we are always up for a laugh. My goal is to make your moving experience as fun and memorable as possible. Let’s make it happen!

Take a look at some of our best jokes belo that will help you through your moving experience.

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