Disney Jokes That Will Make Your Childhood Funnier

Disney is known for its unique style and creativity around the world. Their movies are all about uplifting people and making them feel good about themselves. This is why Disney has a culture of happiness. 

Whenever you watch Disney movies, you can see what Disney’s culture is all about. We have picked some of the best Disney jokes and puns that will help you get a glimpse of what this great company is all about. 

Crazy Disney Jokes

  • What do you call a bear who loves Disney?
    • Pooh!
  • Cinderella was kicked off the soccer team for what reason?
    • Because she kept running away from the ball!
  • What made Ariel, the Little Mermaid, such a great singer?
    • She had plenty of “sea-sons”!
  • Aladdin went to the bank for what reason?
    • To get his magic carpet-loads of cash!
  • In the summer, what do you call a snowman?
    • A puddle!
  • What was the purpose of Donald Duck bringing an umbrella?
    • Because he wanted to quack open some shade!
  • What makes Peter Pan fly all the time?
    • He Neverlands!
  • Captain Hook gets his hook replaced where?
    • The second-hand store!
  • Why did the banana visit Doc McStuffins?
    • Because it wasn’t peeling well
  • Why did Tigger stay in the bathroom for so long?
    • Because he had Pooh stuck inside him.
  • The seven dwarves went to jail for what reason?
    • They sold all their gems for hi-hoes!
  • What is Peter Pan’s favorite restaurant?
  • Who is Cogsworth’s closest friend?
    • His candlestick.
  • For lunch, what does Olaf eat?
    • Icebergers.
  • When Woody met Buzz Lightyear, what did he say?
    • A lot. There were three movies.
  • Donald Duck wakes up at what time?
    • At the quack of dawn.
  • Who among the Disney characters can count the highest?
    • Buzz Lightyear – he can count to infinity and beyond.
  • Why did Goofy stare at the orange juice label all day?
    • Because the carton said concentrate!
  • What is Buzz Lightyear’s favorite book?
    • Comet books!
  • If the seven dwerves see a rainbow on their way to the mine, what do they sing?
    • High Hue, High Hue! 
  • What is the Genie’s favorite part of Turkey?
    • The wishbone!
  • When did Anakin’s Jedi masters realize he was leaning towards the dark side?
    • In the Sith Grade. 
  • When Lil Jon visits Disneyland, what does he say?
    • Turn down for Walt!
  • Yoda’s last name has finally been revealed by Disney.
    • His full name is: Yoda Lay-Heehoo
  • What makes Gaston the most peaceful Disney villain?
    • Because he won the No-Belle Prize.
  • Cinderella Dolphin wore what to the ball?
    • Her glass flipper.
  • How do you tell Scar to stop being so mean?
    • Be a bit more Simbathetic!
  • Which fairy forbids showers?
    • Stink-erbel.
  • During the stampede, what did Nala say to Simba?
    • Move fasta (Mufasa).
  • Alice asks so many questions, why?
    • ‘Cause she is in “Wonder” land.
  • Luke Skywalker drives what kind of car?
    • A Toy-Yoda.
  • Where is Captain Jack Sparrow’s favorite restaurant?
    • Arrrgh-by’s.
  • Which Disney character is the most frightening?
    • Poca-haunt-us. 
  • Are there any Star Wars characters who travel the world?
    • Globi-won Kenobi. 
  • What do you call it when only one Star Wars character applauds you?
    • A Hand Solo. 

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Jokes About Disney Princesses

  • Which Disney princess would be the best judge?
    • Snow White, because she’s the fairest of them all!
  • When Snow White’s photos weren’t ready, what did she say?
    • Someday my prints will come. 
  • Among Disney princesses, which one is the funniest?
    • Ra-pun-zel.
  • Which Disney Princess is the cow’s favorite?
    • Moo-lan.
  • What is the reason you should never give Elsa a balloon?
    • She’ll let it go!
  • What makes Cinderella so bad at hockey?
    • Because her coach is a pumpkin.
  • Ariel and her fishy friends can be found where?
    • Under the sea.
  • Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to be one of Snow White’s dwarfs?
    • 6 out of 7 of them aren’t Happy.
  • What did Cinderella say to her prince?
    • Wanna see if it fits? 

Jokes About Mickey and Minnie Mouse

  • When Minnie gets mad at Mickey, how does he feel?
    • Mouserable!
  • Mickey Mouse became an astronaut for what reason?
    • So he could visit Pluto!
  • What kind of car does Mickey’s wife drive?
    • Minnie Cooper.
  • What caused Mickey Mouse to get hit with a snowball?
    • Because Donald ducked.
  • What did Minnie do to save Mickey from drowning?
    • Mouse to mouse resuscitation.
  • What caused Mickey Mouse to fall over?
    • He had a Disney spell!
  • Mickey uses what to browse the Web?
    • An Ipad Minnie!

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Author’s Note

Many Disney movies are loved by all ages, including The Lion King, Aladdin, and Frozen. These movies are loved by kids and adults alike. We hope you enjoyed our article about Disney puns. 

If you were a Disney character, who would you want to be? Share it in the comment section below. Share your favorite joke, too. 

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