Fun Food Jokes for Kids That Even Picky Eaters Will Enjoy

Is your child the pickiest eater in the world? Do they get upset when you try to feed them food they don’t like? Do they get mad when you try to feed them anything at all? Well, don’t worry. It’s never too early to start to teach kids about healthy eating habits. 

In this blog, we’ve put together the funniest food jokes for kids that even picky eaters will enjoy. If you have a little one in your life that is a little more difficult to feed, these jokes are a perfect way to get them to open up their minds and try new things.

Funny Food Jokes For Kids

  • Which kind of nut seems to always have a cold?
    • Cashews.
  • What bird is always with you at every meal?
    • Swallow.
  • When you put three ducks in a box, what do you get?
    • A box of quackers.
  • How do you refer to cheese that isn’t yours?
    • Nacho cheese.
  • What is a table at which you can eat?
    • A vegetable.
  • What’s the best thing you can put in a pie?
    • Your teeth.
  • On the Titanic, what kind of coffee was served?
    • Sanka.
  • Can you tell me what the lettuce said to the celery?
    • Quit stalking me.
  • What’s the best place to learn how to make banana splits?
    • At sundae school.
  • Can you tell me what the hungry computer ate?
    • Chips — one byte at a time.
  • On the playground, what candy do you eat?
    • Recess Pieces.
  • What’s an elephant’s favorite vegetable?
    • Squash.
  • What did the gingerbread man put on his bed?
    • A cookie sheet.
  • What is an astronaut’s favorite food?
    • Launch meat.
  • Computers love snacks, so what is their favorite?
    • Computer chips.
  • What vegetables are a sailor’s worst enemies?
    • Leeks.
  • Can you imagine what happens when a chicken and a pig cross paths?
    • Ham and eggs.
  • What are cats called when they ride skateboards?
    • Meals on Wheels.
  • What is the best way to make a walnut laugh?
    • Crack it up.
  • What do you get when you cross a frog with a popsicle?
    • A hopsicle.
  • It’s orange and sounds like a parrot, but what is it?
    • A carrot.
  • What was the purpose of the fisherman’s peanut butter in the sea?
    • To go with the jellyfish.
  • What’s the best place for hamburgers to dance?
    • Meat-ball.
  • When the Dalmatian returned from lunch, what did he say?
    • “That hit the spot.”
  • What do elves use to make sandwiches?
    • Shortbread.
  • What do potatoes call their babies when they have babies?
    • Tater tots.
  • What is the best way to make a lemon drop?
    • Just let it fall.
  • What is the favorite fruit of a vampire?
    • A neck-tarine.
  • What has ears but cannot hear?
    • A cornfield.
  • When a cheese is feeling low, what do you call it?
    • Blue cheese.
  • What is a cheerleader’s favorite beverage?
    • Root beer.
  • What do you call candy that has been stolen?
    • Hot chocolate.
  • Fast, loud, and crunchy is what?
    • A rocket chip.
  • When you cross an apple with a shellfish, what do you get?
    • A crab apple.
  • What is the favorite dance of a pretzel?
    • The Twist.
  • What do you call a shoe made from bananas?
    • A slipper.
  • How do you refer to the king of vegetables?
    • Elvis Parsley.
  • The skeleton went to the barbecue for what reason?
    • To get another rib.
  • What should you give to a sick lemon?
    • Lemon aid.
  • What made the teddy bear refuse dessert?
    • Because she was stuffed.
  • When the father tomato was out for a walk with the baby tomato, what did he say to him?
    • Ketchup.
  • Mix-up hens lay what kind of eggs?
    • Scrambled eggs.
  • What kind of keys do kids prefer to carry?
    • Cookies.
  • What is the favorite vegetable of a plumber?
    • A leek.
  • If a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn, what do you get?
    • An eggroll.
  • On Halloween, what do ghosts eat?
    • Ghoulash.
  • A pampered cow gives you what?
    • Spoiled milk.
  • What do you call a bear without teeth?
    • A gummy bear.
  • What is the most hated day for potatoes?
    • Fry-day.
  • From where do tough chickens come?
    • Hard-boiled eggs.

People usually have a hard time feeding their kids with all the new trends and flavors out there. This is where food jokes come in handy. The best thing about food jokes is that they are a crowd pleaser. Your kids will love them, and you’ll be able to laugh along with them.

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