Country Puns to Make You Havana Good Time

Puns are great for a laugh, and fun for a wide range of ages. They are even better when they are related to countries! 

If you are one of those people who like cracking jokes and making people laugh, then these country puns are just what you need! Your friends will laugh so hard when they hear this.

Keep reading and stay still. You’ll have Havana good time coming!

Best Country Jokes

  • Can you think of any country puns?
    • Kenya help me? 
  • Do a tick and the Eiffel Tower have anything in common?
    • They’re both Paris sites.
  • Among all the countries in the world, which is the most slippery?
    • Greece.
  • When fruits go on vacation, where do they go?
    • Pear-is!
  • Which country’s capital is growing the fastest?
    • Ireland. Every day it’s Dublin.
  • Which country is the fastest?
    • Iran.
  • Mexicans enjoy what kind of sport most?
    • Cross country.
  • Are there earthquakes in Africa?
    • Because I can see Djibouti shaking!
  • Would you like my opinion on Mongolia?
    • It has its pros and Khans.
  • Where do French Fries come from?
    • Grease.
  • What is the best part about living in Switzerland?
    • Well, the flag’s a big plus!
  • In which country is Prague located?
    • Hold on let me Czech.
  • A friend posted on Facebook that her kid texted, “I’m hungary. Is dinner soon?”
    • I commented: Here’s what your reply should be: “Thanks for Czech’ing in. Tonight, we’ll have Turkey.
  • Me: I constructed my own vehicle while I lived on an island in the Indian Ocean. 
    • Friend: Madagascar?
    • Me: No, I made a diesel van.

Silly Country Puns

  • It Tokyo long enough to notice. 
  • Visitors to Cuba are usually Havana good time. 
  • Italian building inspectors in Pisa are leanient. 
  • England doesn’t have a kidney bank,
    • but it does have a Liverpool.
  • What the title says…
    • Persianally, I feel this thread won’t really go anywhere
  • Sorry Iran into the thread and then I Russian out again because I have Togo catch a train.
    • Catch you later.
  • I just had an incredibly Greece-y Turkey for lunch.
    • I’d like Samoa food. Did Jamaica Turkey for me too?
  • Iran.
    • Why?
    • Because I am Hungary.
  • I’ve Benin my office for most today,
    • but now I have Togo
  • I Canada think of any more food/country puns.
  • Iran to the fridge once, but all I found was Chile.
    • Well, okay. I guess there was chocolate also, but it wasn’t Sweden-ough.
  • Haters gonna hate,
    • Equators gonna equate.
  • You guys just love Chading about geography puns.
    • Idaho how much longer this can go for.
  • I was fired for making too many country puns.
    • It was the end of my Korea
  • Kuwait is an amazing country.
    • Here you can have lunch in exchange of Dinar!
  • Unless you’re European, there’s no reason to be in the bathroom.
    • He needs to Finnish up and if she wants to bithc he can Crimea river.
  • Experimenting with Asian and Latin American cuisine,
    • Iran out of Chile.
  • For my summer holidays,
    • I am Ghana go for a vacation to the continent of Africa.
  • My trip to Africa had to be canceled due to a problem.
    • I am Chad about it.
  • There is a nation in Asia where you can customize puns to suit your needs.
    • You get them in Japan.
  • I was asked if I knew of any Middle Eastern countries…
    • I was like “Oman, I don’t know. “
    • Then I was like, Yemen, I might be able to name a few.

We hope you enjoyed our list of puns and jokes about countries around the world! We always enjoy sharing humorous content, and these puns and jokes about countries are some of our favorites!

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