Angel Jokes That Will Make Heaven Smile

Having a place like heaven in your life is fun. Lots of joking around and funny things are going on. Angels are all about spreading joy, love and comfort to those in need.

Angels are usually portrayed as these selfless, goody two-shoes. It’s time to show them how much fun they can have and how funny they can be. Here are some funny angel jokes that will make heaven smile.

Funny Angel Jokes and Puns

  • An angel who tells jokes is called what?
    • A “heavenly” comedian!
  • What are the ways angels communicate with each other?
    • With “halo-grams”!
  • What kind of sandwich is an angel’s favorite?
    • An “angel hair” pasta sandwich!
  • The angel got a job as a chef for what reason?
    • Because they loved “whisking” people away with their cooking!
  • In the summer, how do angels stay cool?
    • They use “paradise”-ols!
  • Is there a reason why the angel went to school?
    • To learn the “wings” of knowledge!
  • When it comes to making holy water, how do angels do it?
    • They boil the hell out of it.
  • When the angel went to heaven, what did it say?
    • “Well halo there!”
  • How do you refer to someone with a lisp who murders angels and ghosts?
    • Ethereal killer.
  • In order to make music, what do angels use?
    • Soundclouds.
  • When angels light a candle, how do they do it?
    • With a match made in heaven.
  • Is there a reason why angels smell so good?
    • Because their scent from God.
  • In what way can a demon be turned into an angel?
    • You scare the hell out of them.
  • In a pastry shop, what does an angel say?
    • “Donut be afraid.”
  • Have you heard about the Angel of Death who isn’t so intelligent?
    • The Dim Reaper?
  • In heaven, what do they serve at birthday parties?
    • Angel food cake.
  • Can you tell me what kind of water an Angel likes?
  • What did one angel say to the other angel?
    • Halo.
  • What was the reason for the Italigan’s expulsion from heaven?
    • He ate too much angel hair. 

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Hilarious Angel Short-Liners

  • I hate it when kids spell “angel” as “angle”.
    • They’re just being edgy.
  • The two men were discussing their wives.
    • The first man says “My wife is an angel.”
    • The second man says ” Lucky you, mine is still alive.”
  • Knock knock!
    • Who’s there?
    • Heaven.
    • Heaven who?
    • Heaven fun over there?
  • Capitol rioters may soon become angels.
    • If only Trump managed to persuade them to storm the Pentagon next.
  • When an angel visited me once, he described only the measurements of a triangle.
    • It felt like a sine from God.
  • While being chased by an angel, Lucifer hid in the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
    • He was eventually found in the horns section.
  • My girlfriend is an angel.
    • Because angels don’t exist and neither does my girlfriend.
  • My guardian angel be like…
    • “I’m going to lose my job and end up in hell with this person.”
  • Mommy rat and baby rat were walking down a dirt road when a bat flew by.
    • Baby rat turns to his mom and says: “Look ma, an angel.”
  • I’m on my second guardian angel.
    • The first one quit and is now in therapy. 
  • It just so happens that my guardian angel has filed a restraining order against me. 
  • Gabriel was misheard by the transcriber of the book of Revelations.
    • There won’t be trumpets at the end of the world.
    • It’s going to end with Trump/Pence.

Quotes About Angels

  • “The reason that angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.”
    • G.K. Chesterton
  • “You’ll meet more angels on a winding path than on a straight one.”
    • Daisey Verlaef
  • “In Heaven an angel is nobody in particular.”
    • – George Bernard Shaw
  • “The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.”
    • – George Elliot
  • “Music is well said to be the speech of angels.”
    • Thomas Carlyle

The Angelic Humor Quiz

Author’s Note

Angel jokes bring a touch of humor to the divine and remind us that laughter is universal, even in the realm of angels and heavenly beings. No matter what your beliefs about angels are or how much you simply love to laugh, these jokes invite you to explore the celestial world of humor!

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