Donald Trump Jokes That Will Keep You Laughing for Hours

Have you heard about Donald Trump jokes and the Ku Klux Klan? Neither have we. That’s because there isn’t one. 

Donald Trump’s political career is almost as controversial as his life outside politics. As the 45th president of the United States, he is an American politician, media personality, and businessman.

As controversial as his life might be, we can always look at some of its funny side! If you are looking for the best Donald Trump jokes or puns, you have landed on the right page! 

Check out these ultimate collections of Donald Trump jokes and his presidency.

Hilarious Donald Trump Jokes and One-Liners

  • Why was Donald Trump always a hit at poker night?
    • Because he’d play the “trump” card and then insist it was the biggest, most luxurious card anyone had ever seen!
  • What kind of golf does Donald Trump prefer?
    • It’s “Fore”-closure golf, where every swing is a deal-maker’s drive to success!
  • Why did Donald Trump consider a career in gardening?
    • He thought gardeners knew the art of “growing” prosperity and building walls of flowers!
  • Donald Trump’s favorite superhero?
    • “Captain America,” because he admired his dedication to making the country great and always thought his suit could use a little more gold!
  • Why did Donald Trump decide to start a comedy club?
    • He knew how to construct a “yuge” wall of laughter and make punchlines great again!
  • What’s Donald Trump’s top pick for fast food?
    • The “Filet-O-Fish,” because he believes in enjoying things that are “well done” and served on a golden platter!
  • Trump renamed the Presidential plane what?
    • Hair Force One! 
  • When you look into Trump’s eyes, what do you see?
    • The back of his head. 
  • Do you want to hear a racist joke?
    • Donald Trump. 
  • Melania Trump’s wife, what does she see in her husband?
    • A truckload of money, high cholesterol and Covid-19
  • What is Trump’s favorite TV show?
    • Orange is The New Black
  • To change a lightbulb, how many comedians does it take?
    • One to change the lightbulb, and the other 86 to slag off Donald Trump.
  • What did Donald Trump tell the birthday boy?
    • “Let me see your birth certificate”.
  • Donald Trump can’t be a Lannister, why?
    • Because he never pays his debts.
  • What is Donald Trump “really” trying to accomplish?
    • Make America hate again.
  • Why cannot Trump be hanged for treason?
    • Fake noose.
  • How much does Donald Trump’s life cost?
    • One Pence.
  • What is the meaning of the Beach Boys song “Kokomo”?
    • All the places Donald Trump has bank accounts.
  • What is Donald Trump’s plan to deport 12 million illegal immigrants?
    • Juan by Juan.
  • A journalist, an actor, and a comedian walk into a bar.
    • And they all slag off Donal Trump.
  • Trump’s favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.
    • Except during the draft, then it’s the Dodgers.
  • Donald Trump opposes the sale of pre-shredded cheese.
    • He wants to make America grate again. 
  • In Scotland, Trump is unpopular,
    • because they don’t trust anyone who lives to 70.
  • Despite Trump’s hatred for the first amendment and love for the second amendment,
    • he has no idea what the third amendment is.
  • As a fan of capitalism who hates free trade,
    • Trump is like a Destiny’s Child fan who hates Beyonce.
  • “Donald J Trump is America’s back mole.
    • It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it’s become frighteningly bigger, it’s no longer wise to ignore it.”
  • Donald Trump: Rome is burning in human form.
  • Only El Chapo escaped from prison to have a “talk” with Trump.
  • A semi-retired New York Mob boss confers with one of his henchmen at mar-a-lago.
    • Man: Nine republicans voted with the Democrats to indict me!
    • Donald: Bannon, they’re already on my hit list.
  • Trump on border security.
    • “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”
  • What is the difference between a flying pig and Trump?
    • The letter F.
  • What do you call a Disney Princess who supports Donald Trump?
    • Snow White Supremacist. 
  • What is Donald Trump’s reason for taking antidepressants?
    • For Hispanic attacks! 
  • Why is Trump no longer able to stay in the White House?
    • Because it’s for Biden!

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Author’s Note

In the world of humor and politics, Donald Trump has certainly left his mark. Whether you’re a supporter or not, his presence in pop culture has given rise to a trove of jokes and satirical takes that continue to bring smiles and laughter to people of all perspectives. So, here’s to the power of humor in navigating the complex world of politics!

We hope you enjoyed our collection of Donald Trump jokes and puns. If you’re a big fan of his, you might also love to know Donald Trump’s net worth.

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