Nature Jokes That Will Give You a Hill-arious Laughter the Entire Time

Everyone has a love and appreciation for nature that is indescribable. From playing outdoors to adventures in the woods, our lives seem enriched by spending time in the great outdoors, absorbing the wonders of nature.  I believe that nature jokes are a truly wonderful addition to those moments that one simply cannot resist sharing!

Leave it up to Mother Nature to bring out those who prefer quality family time now and those who prefer cozy moments at home with family as well as pets. Studies have shown that outdoor activities are physically and emotionally beneficial.

Enjoy and have a hill-arious time laughing at these nature jokes.

Humorous Trees Jokes & Puns

  • What makes grass so dangerous?
    • Because it’s full of blades.
  • What is the best way to cut a wave in half?
    • Use a sea saw.
  • Hurricanes see in what way?
    • With one eye.
  • What is the best way to learn more about spiders that live in the rainforest?
    • Check out their web site!
  • In the forest, what do loggers eat?
    • Mac and trees.
  • Can you tell me what color the wind is?
    • Blew!
  • The sun went to school for what reason?
    • To get brighter!
  • What is the funniest natural phenomenon?
    • A cyclown!
  • In response to the earthquake, what did the earth say?
    • You crack me up!
  • When the beach asks you to walk on it, what do you say?
    • Shore!
  • What kind of shorts should clouds wear?
    • Thunderwear.
  • How do mountains see?
    • They peak!
  • Why does the mushroom always show up at parties?
    • Because he’s a fun-gi.
  • The leaf went to the doctor for what reason?
    • It was feeling green!
  • What runs but never runs out of breath?
    • A river!
  • What did one volcano say to the other?
    • I lava you!
  • Who is the strongest creature in the ocean?
    • A mussel!
  • What makes mountains the funniest place to vacation?
    • Because they are hill-arious!
  • When it rains cats and dogs, what happens?
    • You have to be careful not to step in a poodle!
  • When it rains cats and dogs, what happens?
    • You have to be careful not to step in a poodle!
  • I have a good nature joke, but when people hear it, they just leave!
  • Nature is so resourceful that it can make dew from just water!

Nature Jokes Related To Trees

  • When a tree tells jokes, what do you call it?
    • A pun-kin tree!
  • The tree went to the dentist for what reason?
    • To get a root canal!
  • Can you tell me what a tree’s favorite horror movie is?
    • “The Shrubbing”!
  • The internet is accessed by trees in what way?
    • They log in!
  • The scarecrow became friends with an oak tree for what reason?
    • Because it was outstanding in its field!
  • Where do saplings go to learn?
    • Elementree school!
  • What side of the tree has the most leaves?
    • The outside!
  • In which month does a tree least enjoy spending time?
    • Sep-timber.
  • What was the reason for the arrest of the tree?
    • For shopleafing!
  • Despite their rivalry, how do two forests get along?
    • They sign a peace tree-ty!
  • After the bank closed, what happened to the tree?
    • It started its own branch.
  • What type of tree can you hold in your hand?
    • A palm tree. 
  • What makes trees dance?
    • They sway!
  • Where can you find forests without trees?
    • On a map!
  • What kind of tree grows chickens?
    • A Poultree!
  • Can you tell me what the beaver said to the tree?
    • It’s been nice gnawing you.

The Nature Adventure Personality Quiz


We hope this blog post has inspired you to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out for a day hike, a weekend trip or just a quick stroll around the neighborhood, I’m sure these nature jokes will make your time more memorable.

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