Milk Jokes That Will Nourish Your Body and Soul With Laughter

Are you looking for a way to spread some laughter and positive energy? 

Milk jokes are a great way to make you laugh, especially if you are having a bad day. They are often nonsensical, ridiculous, and just plain funny. There are a lot of milk jokes out there and this blog is going to give you the cream of the crop. 

Get your laughs in today and get ready for some good milk humor.

The Punniest Milk Jokes

  • When do dairy farmers take their milk to church?
    • When it needs to be pastor-ized.
  • Why do some people like milk after it has been churned?
    • It’s butter that way.
  • When milk gets whatever it wants, what is it called?
    • Spoiled milk.
  • When his friend robbed him of all his milk, what did the man say?
    • How dairy?!!!
  • In Spanish, how is regular milk introduced?
    • Soy milk!
  • The oil tycoon enjoys what kind of milk?
    • Spoiled milk.
  • From where do milkshakes originate?
    • Nervous cows.
  • Why is cold milk always so relaxed?
    • This is because the fridge chills it.
  • Where do Russians get their milk from?
    • Mos-cows.
  • Which is faster, milk or bread?
    • Milk because it’s pasteurised before you see it.
  • How should you respond to a cow that says she gives almond milk?
    • You must be nuts.
  • What made the boy want a chocolate milk mustache?
    • To look like Super Mario.
  • When do Japanese supermarkets restock with milk?
    • They restock it dairy.
  • What do you get when you have a forgetful cow?
    • Milk of Amnesia.
  • How do you describe milk that has visited the moon?
    • Legen-dairy.
  • Which candy bar was the cow’s favorite?
    • Milky Way.
  • Where does Canada’s milk come from?
    • Cowgary.
  • When it is scorching outside, what kind of milk does a cow give?
    • Powdered milk.
  • What is it about almond milk that vegans love?
    • It is not like udder milk.
  • Are there any reasons why Western Asians like sour milk so much?
    • It is curdish.
  • How do you refer to a female cow that can’t produce milk?
    • A miss-steak.
  • What do you say to someone who has milk on their lips?
    • Great mooostache!
  • How did Reese consume her milk and cereal?
    • Witherspoon.
  • What caused the young boy to be so ill?
    • In one moo-ve, he drank too much cow milk.
  • What made the farmer raise only brown cows?
    • He loved chocolate milk!
  • What happens when a bottle of milk starts living in the countryside?
    • He becomes cottage cheese.
  • What did the farm owner tell the dairymaid who broke her leg in the cow’s pen and was now working extremely slowly?
    • She milked it too much.
  • A wife asks her husband to go to the store and buy six eggs, as well as a carton of milk.
    • His husband returns with six milk cartons.
    • When his wife asks, “Why did you buy so much milk?”
    • he replies, “they had eggs.”
  • When the milk’s mother found the milk in the freezer, what did she do?
    • According to her “I-screamed!”
  • What happens when two people combine tea leaves with milk and place it in the freezer?
    • Solid-dairy-tea!

The Milk Personality Quiz

Author’s Note

Milk jokes are the best kind of jokes because milk is also the best food. In addition to providing you with a range of nutrients, it gives you a satisfying feeling.  When it comes to milk jokes, you never know when you’ll laugh out loud. They are filled with all the right ingredients to make them the funniest jokes.

With these jokes, it is as easy as one, two, three to start laughing. For those who aren’t afraid of having a good laugh, this blog is sure to deliver the punch line you need.

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Here’s a video that you can watch and laugh at. Funny things are happening to them while they’re drinking cow milk.

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