Easy Riddles With Answers You Can Solve Without Scratching Your Head

Riddles are fun!

Besides being fun, they’re also good for the brain, but have you ever struggled to solve a riddle or conundrum that seemed a little too complicated?

You don’t have to worry any longer because we have compiled a list of easy riddles with answers. Now you can get the answer without having to think too hard.

The best part is that I provide the answer with no scratching your head or having to look it up on the internet.

Easy Riddles With Answers

  • I am one of the rare cases where today comes before yesterday. What am I? A dictionary. 
  • Despite not being alive, I grow; I lack lungs, but I need air; I lack a mouth, but I cannot drink water. What am I? Fire.
  • I cannot be kept until I am given. What am I? Your word. 
  • Is there a 4-letter word that can be written forward, backward, or upside down, and still be read from left to right? NOON.
  • The more you take away, the bigger it gets? A hole.
  • Is there anything that has four fingers and a thumb but isn’t alive? A glove. 
  • A man in a car saw three doors: a Golden Door, a Silver Door, and a Bronze Door. He opened which door first? The car door.
  • The things that get wet when drying? A towel. 
  • The building with the most stories is? The library.
  • Which two words contain the most letters when added together? Post office. 
  • Can you tell me what has four wheels and flies? A garbage truck.
  • Once in a minute, twice in a second, but never in a thousand years? The letter M.
  • When you take more, you leave more behind. What are they? Footsteps.
  • Two coins equal 30 cents. The one isn’t a nickel. What are they? A quarter and a nickel. 
  • Every day I shave, but my beard stays the same. Who am I? A barber. 
  • What question can you never say yes to? “Are you asleep yet?”
  • This thing is long-necked, has the name of a bird, feeds on ship cargo, and is not alive. What is it? A crane.
  • Is there something that always ends everything? The letter G.
  • You can see it every day, but you cannot touch it. What is it? The sky.
  • The person who invented it does not need it. It’s not wanted by the man who bought it. It is unknown to the man who needs it. What is it? A coffin.
  • What is that which never uses its teeth for eating purposes? A comb.
  • What is black and white and is red everywhere? A newspaper.
  • What holds water despite being full of holes? A sponge.
  • When it comes to food, how do vampires like it served? In bite-size pieces.
  • Although I follow you all the time and copy your every move, you can’t touch me or catch me. What am I? Your shadow.
  • What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than trees. It goes up, up, up, but never grows? A mountain.
  • What does the moon have in common with a dollar? Because it has four quarters.
  • What kind of band doesn’t play music? A rubber band. 
  • What does not have fingers but has many rings? A telephone.
  • On a one-way street, a bus driver is going the wrong way. He passes the police, but they don’t stop him. What is the reason? He was walking.

I hope you enjoyed these easy riddles. Riddles are fun! They’re also great for the brain and these easy ones will keep it sharp while you’re trying to figure others out. Have an awesome opportunity-filled week!

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