Hilarious Spelling Jokes That Willn’t Ruin the Fun

Spelling is not everyone’s favorite subject but kids love to laugh and they love spelling jokes. In fact, they can spend hours repeating the same spelling joke over and over again. So, why not use that interest to help them learn spelling?

Check out some spelling jokes in this blog and see if your loved ones can guess them.

Funny Spelling Jokes

  • What made the scarecrow a successful spelling bee contestant?
    • Because he was outstanding in his field of spelling!
  • Could you tell me what the pencil said to the paper?
    • “I dot my i’s on you!”
  • In a spelling bee, what is the favorite word of the champion?
    • “Bee-rrito”!
  • I before E, except after C. What a weird rule!
    • The only exception is “weird”, which is in violation!
  • What color is the wind?
    • Blew.
  • When put together, which two words have the most letters?
    • Post office.
  • A mousetrap is spelled in what way?
    • C-A-T.
  • When someone spells poorly, what do you call them?
    • A muggle.
  • In what ways is Harry Potter different from a spelling bee contestant?
    • One conjures spells and the other spells conjure.
  • Is there an insect that can be spelled with just one letter?
    • Bee.
  • What question must always be answered, “Yes”?
    • “What does Y-E-S spell?”
  • What has T in it and begins with T and ends with T?
    • Teapot.
  • In two letters, how do you spell “pound”?
    • Lb.
  • In the end of a rainbow, what will you find?
    • Letter W.
  • Why does Abraham not bring his grain to the spelling bee?
    • For it was already spelt.
  • With three letters, how do you spell electricity?
    • NRG (energy).
  • The spelling bee champion went to the doctor for what reason?
    • Irregular vowel movements.
  • Can two letters spell too much?
    • XS.
  • When someone edits their comment and makes a spelling error, what do you call them?
    • An Ediot!
  • What did the boy tell his friend who lost the spelling bee because he couldn’t spell “Armageddon”?
    • “Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!”
  • Do you know how to spell jealousy in two letters?
    • NV (envy)
  • What is the history professor’s favorite fruit?
    • Dates.
  • What is a ten letter word that starts with g-a-s?
    • Automobile.
  • What is the letter with the most water in the English alphabet?
    • Letter C.
  • Do you know how to make seven even?
    • Remove the s.
  • Do you not know the Queen’s English?
    • Yes…I heard she was. 
  • Correct spelling and grammar makes me sound dry when texting.
  • Spell PIG backwards and then LEMONADE. 
  • A guy makes so many spelling errors it’s in his blood.
    • He’s typo.
  • Please, ma”am! How do you spell ichael?
    • It left the teacher a little bewildered.
    • “Don’t you mean Michael?” she asked.
    • “No, ma am. I’ve written the M already.”
  • School Doctor: Did you ever suffer from appendicitis?
    • Fred: Only when I tried to spell it.
  • First witch: I’ll give you a banana if you can spell it.
    • Second witch: I can spell banana. I just don’t know when to stop.
  • Interviewer: What is the spelling of Mississippi?
    • Redneck: Which one? The river or the state?
  • There was a young man from Dun Laoghaire.
    • Who propounded an interesting thaoghaire:
    • That the language of Erse
    • Has a shortage of verse
    • ‘Cos the spelling makes poets so waoghaire.
  • A blonde is competing in a spelling bee.
    • Judge: Spell ‘orange’.
    • Blonde: The fruit or the color?
  • A spelling error drives me crazy.
    • You mixed up two letters and your whole post is urined.
  • Spelling Guy: “How do you spell nihilism?”
    • Nihilist: “It doesn’t matter.”
  • Etymologists and Entomologists compete in a spelling bee…
    • into a spelling bee.
  • Due to a spelling mistake, my wife will leave me.
    • I’m on a work trip and I just texted her “having a wonderful time, wish you were her.”
  • Do you know how to spell composition using two letters?
    • SA (Essay)

The Spelling Bee Challenge

Author’s Note

Spelling jokes remind us that language can be a source of both wonder and amusement. They playfully highlight the quirks and challenges of English spelling while adding a touch of humor to our daily interactions. So, whether you’re a grammar nerd or just enjoy a good laugh, these jokes are a delightful celebration of the written word!

Take a look at these jokes that will definitely get your brain working without sacrificing any fun.

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