Weather Jokes That Can Make You Laugh Your Way To Clear Skies

What’s the best way to clear up cloudy and rainy weather? Laugh with funny weather jokes! It sounds like a simple solution, but it makes sense. When you laugh, your body releases endorphins that make you feel happy. 

The more endorphins you have in your system, the less likely you’ll be feeling down and not wanting to do anything about it. So, if we want sunshine and blue skies instead of gray storm clouds, then let’s start laughing our way through these funny weather jokes!

Funny Weather Jokes

  • What was the lightning bolt saying to the other? “You are shocking!”
  • Which kind of weather is Snoop Doggie Dog’s favorite? Drizzle
  • What is the best way to prevent a Summer cold? Catch it in the Winter!
  • An animal with no head and no legs is called what? A cloud!
  • In Seattle, what does daylight saving time mean? An extra hour of rain.
  • What is dangerous precipitation called? A rain of terror.
  • What causes Native Americans to hate rainy weather in April? Because showers in April bring Mayflowers.
  • Why did one thermometer respond to the other thermometer? You raise my body temperature.
  • How can a hurricane see? With its eye.
  • What kind of weather does a fisher prefer? When *Overcast* is out.
  • What’s the difference between climate and weather? There is no way to weather a tree, but you can climate it.
  • Does a man have a personality like the weather? It is impossible to change either of them.
  • Is it possible for Bees to fly in the rain? Not without their yellow jackets.
  • Which game is a tornado’s favorite? Twister!
  • To change the weather, how many white house employees are needed? One, and all the rest have to agree with it.
  • Is there anything more devastating than an earthquake destroying a city? The subsequent Tsunami washed everything away!
  • What are the weather conditions in Mexico? Chili today and hot tamale.
  • Clouds wear what underneath their raincoats? Thunderwear.
  • What does the weather say today? Baa, as usual.
  • How do you describe a bear that got caught in a storm? A drizzly bear.
  • What falls but never reaches the ground? The temperature.
  • Have you heard the Earthquake joke about a Japanese nuclear reactor? Not cool.
  • When giving Saint Peter control of the weather, what did God tell him? You have free rain!
  • I had a date with the weather girl. It was pretty hot!
  • Apparently the weather is really bad in China right now. Many are referring to it as a “blizzard”.
  • I hope everyone has a great day. Today’s weather is none of your business. Stay home, keep safe.
  • John: How’s the weather outside? Ben: It’s just obtuse. John: What? Ben: It’s far more than 90 degrees.
  • Last night, I won gold at an events involving weather forecasting… beating the raining champion.
  • A guy called up asking if the coast was clear… I think my wife is a weather forecaster.
  • My wife and I hate windy weather… It really blows.

Have you ever been stuck at work with a rainstorm outside? Does the weather make you feel like your day is dragging on and on, or that it’s just too hard to get motivated for anything. If so, then this humorous weather joke is perfect for you every time you need to clear your head and beat the rain.

We’ve got some funny jokes that will make you laugh so much that your stomach hurts from laughing.

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