Funny Sleep Jokes: Laugh-Out-Loud Laughs to Keep You Awake Tonight

Life would be incomplete without sleep. 

We all need to sleep so that we can function properly during the day. However, sometimes it’s hard to get a good night’s rest because our minds won’t shut off and let us sleep. That’s where these jokes come in!

This blog post contains 35 of the funniest jokes we could find. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, scroll down and laugh before you go to bed!

Sleep Jokes Questions With Crazy Answers

  • What made the insomniac refuse to play hide and seek?
    • Because they thought good sleep was always hiding from them!
  • A sheep’s favorite game is?
    • “Baa”-sketball, because they get to count baskets to fall asleep!
  • What made the pillow apply for a job?
    • Because it wanted to be a “cushion” to someone’s career!
  • How do you refer to a sleeping bull?
    • A bulldozer!
  • What is the best way to organize a space sleepover?
    • You “planet” well and make sure the aliens are comfortable!
  • How do you put a baby alien to sleep?
    • You rocket.
  • What does James Bond do on his way to sleep?
    • He goes under cover.
  • How does a lawyer sleep?
    • First he lies on one side, then on the other.
  • Why did the cowboy keep his bunk next to the fireplace?
    • It’s because he just wanted to sleep!
  • When a dinosaur sleeps, which one makes the loudest noise?
    • Tyrannosnorus
  • Sleeping bull is known as?
    • A bulldozer.
  • Where do fish go to sleep?
    • In a river bed.
  • How do you refer to a sleepy woodcutter?
    • A slumberjack.
  • What do you call a nun who sleepwalks?
    • A roamin’ catholic
  • The keyboard never sleeps, why?
    • Because they have two shifts.
  • What do you call two Mexicans sleeping in a sleeping bag?
    • A Twix.
  • Why do dragons usually sleep during the day?
    • In order to fight knights.
  • Is there any difference between light and hard?
    • With a light on, it’s easy to sleep.
  • What makes clowns wear loud socks?
    • To stop their feet from falling asleep.
  • A cow is staying at his friend’s house for a sleepover party.
    • Unfortunately, the house is full.
    • Where can the cow sleep?
    • On the COWch (couch)
  • Why was the man running around on his bed?
    • He needed to catch up on his sleep!
  • Why did the Scout bring a ruler to bed with him?
    • To find out how long he slept.

Funny Conversation About Sleep

    • A wife says to her husband, “What a shame the person in front of us fell asleep!”
    • Then her husband grumbles, “That doesn’t mean you should wake me up.”
  • Daughter: I feel like someone is watching me when I am sleeping, which is weird.
    • Father: Sorry.
  • John: I’m having a movie sleepover tonight, I’ve invited 17 people. Do you want to come?
    • Ben: Yeah, but why so many people?
    • John: It says on the DVD that only 18+ can watch it.
    • Ben: Dude!!!
  • Couldn’t sleep, so went to a counsellor for advice.
    • He said, “Sleep on the bed’s edge, soon you’ll fall asleep”.
  • Night: “I can’t figure out how to get comfortable to sleep.”
    • Morning: “Every position feels good to me.”
  • Wife: Last night, you told me so many bad things in your sleep.
    • Husband: Who was sleeping?

Hilarious Realization About Sleep

  • Yesterday, I went shopping for a new mattress.
    • It wasn’t exactly certain whether I would like it, so the salesman told me to sleep on it first.
  • On my smartphone, I fell asleep the other day.
    • I had downloaded a nap.
  • I was puzzled as to why I could not sleep…
    • and then it dawned on me.
  • If I was paid to sleep,
    • it would be my dream job.
  • I dreamt the other night that I wrote The Hobbit.
    • I think I must have been Tolkein.
  • Sleeping is difficult at night,
    • waking up in the morning is even harder.
  • Smile and the world will smile with you,
    • snore and you’ll sleep alone.
  • Your fantasies are about sleeping when you’re a mum!
  • A chandelier is where I always sleep.
    • I’m a light sleeper.
  • Yesterday night I fell asleep under a satellite dish…
    • my dreams were broadcast throughout the world.
  • ‘Happy hour’ becomes a nap when you grow up.
  • I am such an expert at sleeping that I can do it without opening my eyes.

The Sleeping Beauty Quiz

Author’s Note

Many of us have trouble sleeping at night, and it can be hard to stay awake during the day. Laughing is a great way to release stress and can help you sleep better! These hilarious sleep jokes will keep you laughing all night long!

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