Funny Riddles for Children That Will Make Them Laugh and Think

Children are always looking for fun things to do, which is one of the best things about them.

It is important to encourage them in their imagination, and through that, it helps to develop their skills. It is common for children to love solving riddles because they help foster creativity and imagination.

Here are the best riddles for children that will keep them entertained for hours.

Fun Riddles for Children

  • In how many months of the year are there 28 days? All of them! There are *at least* 28 days in every month.
  • What has hands and a face, but is unable to hold anything or smile? A clock.
  • You own it, but your friends use it more often. What is it? Your name.
  • I will break if you don’t keep me. What am I? A promise.
  • Despite having a tail and a head, I don’t have a body. What am I? A coin.
  • What two things can you never eat for breakfast? Lunch and dinner.
  • The word that becomes shorter when it has 2 letters added to it is? The word “short.”
  • France’s capital is what? The letter “F.”  It’s the only capital letter in France.
  • When you put a radio in a fridge, what do you get? Cool music!
  • What is a cow doing at the theatre? Watch a MOO-vie.
  • How do you describe a train full of toffee? A chew-chew train!
  • What was the purpose of the dinosaur’s bandage? Because he had a dino-SORE!
  • Why did the orange wish he had sunscreen on? He was starting to peel!
  • What is the best way to make goldfish age? Take away the g in goldfish.
  • If you throw butter, what do you get? A butterfly!
  • Do you know why you should never play hide and seek with mountains? Mountains always peek (peak).
  • What is the difference between winter and an injured football player? One is cold out and the other one is out cold.
  • Which animal cannot participate in games or contests? Cheetahs (cheaters).
  • What kind of music does a mummy like? Rap!
  • When does 10 + 3 = 1? On the clock.
  • The sick freight elevator said what? “I think I’m coming down with something.”
  • A cow is talking to another cow and looks away for 10 seconds, then disappears. Where is the other cow? Over the moon!
  • What made the cow eat the tight rope walker? Because he wanted a balanced meal!
  • What two keys aren’t able to open any door? A donkey and a monkey.
  • In the middle of the night, a girl sits in a house with no lights on. No lamp, no candle, nothing. And yet she reads. How? The woman is blind and is reading braille.
  • What is the reason for bees’ sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs.
  • In Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter, you will find me, but not in Venus or Neptune. What am I? The letter “R.”
  •  There are keys, but no locks. There is space, but no room. Despite being able to enter, you cannot go inside. What is it? A keyboard.
  • I can fill a room, but I don’t take up any space. What am I? Light.
  • It’s the only place in the world where today comes before yesterday. Where is it? The dictionary.
  • If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it? A secret.
  • When you talk about something, it disappears? Silence.

I hope this blog post has helped you find a good Riddle or two for children. There are many benefits to doing riddles with your favorite little ones, including it being good for the imagination and mind. 

They may seem easy when you’re prepping them but remember that they are aimed at children and I’ve shown some tricks in this blog post to help make the process more promising! 

You can find funny jokes, rhyming stories, easy and hard riddles, and funny questions at Funny Jokes Today. We have selected a few funny collections to make you laugh even more.

In order to foster young minds, we must provide them with something which offers them a chance to think.  Take a look at the benefits of using riddles with kids.

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