Pasta Jokes That Make You Laugh & Never Leave You Ravi-Lonely

One of the most popular foods in the world, pasta has become a staple in every diet. 

No matter where you are from or what kind of food you eat, there’s something about pasta that just makes it taste like home. 

So, Gnocchi you waiting for? Dig in and discover why pasta jokes are one of my favorites!

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Hilarious Pasta Jokes and Puns

  • Have you heard about pasta and its cooking water?
    • Their relationship was strained.
  • I wonder what you would get if you crossed pasta with a snake?
    • Spaghetti wrapped around a fork!
  • Does the cast of Jersey Shore have anything in common with a plate of spaghetti?
    • Spaghetti moves when you eat it!
  • Are you tired of boiling water every time you make pasta?
    • Boil some at the beginning of the week and freeze it for later.
  • What caused everyone to think the spaghetti was flirting?
    • It was just a little too saucy!
  • How come pasta always has to pay such high car insurance premiums?
    • Because it can’t drive a car without making it all denty.
  • What do you get when you combine marinara and Alfredo sauce?
    • The best of both pasta-bowl worlds!
  • Where did the spaghetti go dancing?
    • A meat ball!
  • And what did mama pasta tell her baby pasta?
    • It’s pasta your bedtime!”
  • What kind of pasta can make all your dreams come true?
    • Fettugenie.
  • Is there anything the pasta can tell the tomato?
    • Don’t get saucy with me!
  • Did you hear about the Italian chef who died?
    • He pasta way.
    • So sad that he ran out of thyme.
  • Why couldn’t the pasta get into his house?
    • Because he had gnocchi!
  • What do you do when you have to say goodbye to an Italian chef?
    • Pasta la vista!
  • When the spaghetti and the penne walked too slowly, what did they say to each other?
    • “Go pasta!”
  • What type of pasta sticks to everything?
    • Clinguine!
  • Why wasn’t the ravioli invited to hang out with the cool pasta?
    • Because it was too square!
  • In the boxing ring, what did the macaroni say to the spaghetti?
    • Come and spaghet it!
  • Do you call sick pasta sick?
    • Mac n’ sneeze!
  • Which type of pasta is best eaten alone?
    • Ravi-lonely.
  • Crooked musical writers prefer what type of pasta?
    • Rigatoni.
  • What is Forrest Gump’s favourite pasta?
    • Penne.
  • Which pasta is the saddest?
    • Tort-alone-i.
  • Do you know the scariest type of pasta sauce?
    • Mushroom and ghost cheese!
  • What’s the funniest type of pasta?
    • Chortle-ini!
  • How do you describe pasta that lives in the hood?
    • Spaghetto.
  • What do you call religious pasta?
    • Raviholy.
  • Do you know the Italian catchphrase for Ghostbusters?
    • I ain’t alfredo no ghost!
  • What would prevent the woman from eating at the pasta restaurant?
    • The food cost a pretty penne!
  • What is the smallest type of pasta?
    • It’s about a centimeter orzo!
  • After eating Italian lasagna, what does an Irishman get?
    • Gaelic breath!
  • What’s the dress code at the pasta convention?
    • Bowtie.
  • Which pasta gets locked out of its house every time?
    • Gnocchi.
  • What’s a dog’s favorite kind of pasta?
    • Wagliataile.
  • And why did the noodle get a traffic ticket?
    • It drove pasta stop sign.
  • A fake noodle is called what?
    • An impasta. 

Funny Pasta One Liners and Stories

  • Despite the capellini-er, I think we need to buy a few more.
  • A life without noodles seems im-pasta-ble.
  • I walked right pasta and didn’t even notice!
  • During my final meal, my friend promised to hide the cell key in a plate of pasta.
    • But when I looked, there was gnocchi.
  • While I was choking on alphabet pasta, a lady asked if I needed help.
    • She took the words right out of my mouth.
  • Because of my obsession with pasta, my girlfriend broke up with me.
    • I’m feeling cannelloni right now.
  • My sister bet me I couldn’t make a car out of spaghetti.
    • You should have seen her face as I drove pasta.
  • I spent my entire life savings on pasta.
    • It was worth every penne. 

The majority of dried pastas contain only two ingredients. Nothing more than a paste of flour and water. That is why the word pasta derives from the Italian word “paste”. Flour + water = paste = pasta.

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