Pizza Puns and Jokes That Will Give You A Crust of Laughter

There’s no doubt that pizza is the world’s favorite food.

You can laugh or feel hungry by checking out this post on pizza jokes, which consists of the topping of tomato sauce and cheese on a flatbread baked in the oven.

Let’s have some fun and laughs while we celebrate one of the world’s favorite dishes.

Funny Pizza Puns and Jokes

  • The slice of pizza went to the party for what reason?
    • Because it wanted to get a little “saucy”!
  • The pizza maker went to art school for what reason?
    • Because he wanted to learn how to make a perfect “masterpizza”!
  • Pizza apologizes in what way?
    • “I’m really sorry if I’m a little cheesy!”
  • Is there anyone who doesn’t like pizza?
    • A weir-dough!
  • Which movie genre is a pizza’s favorite?
    • Slice-of-life dramas!
  • What are the signs that you are in love?
    • If they stole a pizza your heart.
  • Is there a movie that a pizza loves?
    • Pie hard.
  • Do you and your dog share a love of pizza?
    • You’ve got a puperoni.
  • What is the best way to fix a broken pizza?
    • With tomato paste.
  • Have you heard about the guy who took on a second job as a pizza chef?
    • He kneaded the dough.
  • Is there anyone who does not enjoy pizza?
    • A weirdough.
  • What caused the hipster to burn his lips?
    • He ate his pizza before it was cool.
  • Is it difficult to make a pizza from scratch?
    • No, it’s easy as pie!
  • Could you please tell me what the pizza cutter said to the pizza?
    • You wanna pizza me?
  • What is a pretend pizza called?
    • A pepperphony pizza!
  • Why wasn’t the Hawaiian pizza cooked?
    • The oven was on aloha temperature.
  • When the pizza was thrown onto the pizza, what did it say to the chef?
    • “You don’t pepper-own me!”
  • What kind of cheese do dogs love on their pizzas?
    • Mutt-zarella.
  • What would be pizza’s favorite song if it were a human?
    • Slice it up and top it up, baby!
  • When Lionel Messi walks into a Pizza parlor, what does he say?
    • Make it quick like my goals.
  • What is the purpose of a square box for a round pizza?
    • It’s not edgy like a taco.
  • Would you like to hear a pizza joke?
    • Nevermind… it’s too cheesy!
  • Would you be able to buy me a pizza?
    • I’m trying to save money. I knead the dough.
  • Do you know about the pizza place on the moon?
    • It’s great, but there’s no atmosphere.
  • Why does the mushroom get invited to all the parties?
    • Because he’s a fungi.
  • What caused the rich pizza to be stressed?
    • He was being chased by pepperazis.
  • What is a sleeping pizza called?
    • A Pizzzza!

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Cheesy Pizza One Liners

  • You will always have a pizza my heart.
  • You have your dough.
    • This is the dough-main for all you pizza aficiona-doughs.
  • You’re the greatest thing since sliced pizza.
  • The saying is true,
    • “crust has risen from the dead.”
  • There are only two round things I find beautiful and intriguing:
    • The moon and pizza.
  • Another one bites the crust…⁣
    • Is it cheesy to say, “I wanna pizza you for Valentine’s Day?”
  • I must be a hipster…
    • because I ate my pizza before it was cool.
  • Yes, I am a fitness freak.
    • Fitness whole pizza in my mouth.
  • If a pizza slice can be single,
    • so can you. 
  • If a cheese can burst!
    • So can you.
    • So Vent it out sister!
  • Unlike this pizza…
    • you can’t be topped. 
  • No matter how you slice it,
    • we are an awesome combination. 
  • For pizzake!
    • Will you two get a room?
  • A friend in knead is a friend indeed.
  • I pray to cheesus crust first every morning I wake up.
  • I do love you from my head tomatoes.

The Pizza Palate Challenge

Author’s Note

Everyone loves pizza and everyone loves jokes. We hope you enjoy these pizza-related puns, jokes, and one-liners, and you will be filled with laughter!

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