Funny Marshmallow Jokes That Will Make You LOL and Never S’Mortified

Have you ever tasted a marshmallow? Have you ever eaten a marshmallow? Have you ever heard a marshmallow joke? Have you ever met a marshmallow? If you have, then you’ll surely love these marshmallow jokes. 

Funny marshmallow jokes are very popular among kids because marshmallows are soft and squishy and not too sweet. Their shape and size can make for a great platform to deliver a joke. Enjoy yourself and laugh a lot.

Silly Marshmallow Short Stories

  • Trump can be compared to a marshmallow. He’s easy to roast, a little orange on top, catches fire easily, and melts when he gets too hot.
  • A few years ago, myself and my family decided to bake marshmallows over the campfire. The marshmallows were already attached to the poles when we heard the sirens. We all ran outside to see what had happened. A neighbor’s house was on fire, and I saw firefighters battling the flames. People in the neighborhood looked at us with disgust. That was the moment I realized we were still holding the sticks with marshmallows.
  • Ever dreamed that you were eating a giant marshmallow… and woke up without your pillow?
  • Like Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops has marshmallows in its cereal. Toucans probably play that game, too.
  • At a summer camp for boys, I dreamed I ate a giant marshmallow, and when I woke up, my pillow was gone. That’s not what scared me…the night before, I dreamed of taking part in a hotdog eating competition.
  • We were on a cruise once, and we were hit by a huge wave, and the boat sank. In the morning I woke up on sugar sand beach, with huge cotton candy clouds filling the sky. The sea glistened under the setting sun like a pool of honey, and next to me was a volleyball that looked like a marshmallow. Above me loomed a huge volcano that looked like an upside down ice cream cone. I realized that I was stuck on a desert island when I realized that my worst fear had come true.
  • One night, I dreamed that I ate a giant marshmallow. After waking up, I found my giant marshmallow gone!

Funny Marshmallow Jokes

  • When the shop owner accidentally ordered too much chocolate and marshmallows, what did he say? We’ve got a rocky road ahead of us.
  • What is the best way to make a marshmallow? Give it weed.
  • When the marshmallow learned that his brother had been roasted alive and crushed between two biscuits, how did he feel? He was S’moretified.
  • Why shouldn’t you throw your marshmallow into the fire? It’s against the log.
  • What caused the hipster to burn his tongue? He ate marshmallows before they were cool.
  • Is there a difference between camping and being homeless? Marshmallows.
  • Who goes camping with the Ghostbusters? The stay puff marshmallow man.
  • Why is marshmallow trusted but not chocolate? Because chocolate doesn’t make a peep.
  • What did the Hershey’s bar, the marshmallow, and the cookie use to communicate? S’mores Code.
  • What are the differences between a marshmallow and a vegan boyfriend? The marshmallow will eventually get hard.
  • What made the elephant sit on the marshmallow? Because he did not wish to fall into the cup of hot chocolate.
  • What do you call a marshmallow eaten by an alien? A Mars-mallow.
  • Is there a sound the horn makes on a marshmallow car? Peep. Peep.

Jokes have been part of human culture for centuries. Whether it is a party or get-together, a lot of people enjoy cracking a few jokes. Occasionally it could be a light-hearted joke, and sometimes it could be a deeply philosophical one. There could be a lot of reasons why women or guys love to crack jokes. I hope you enjoyed these marshmallow jokes that will make you LOL and never be s’mortified.

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