Funny Animal Jokes for Kids (and Kids at Heart) You’ll Never Forget

Jokes are fun for kids, and animal jokes are even better. Animals seem funny to kids in many ways. If you want to attract kids, you should have a good sense of humor.

In case you are planning to spend some time with kids, then you’ll find these animal jokes for kids helpful. Surely, everyone will laugh at them.

We have food jokes, riddles with answers, and Disney jokes that every kid will enjoy. Count on it!

Best Animal Jokes for Kids

  • What is the process of building a penguin’s house?
    • Igloos it together!
  • When a dinosaur has an extensive vocabulary, what do you call it?
    • A thesaurus!
  • What makes seagulls not fly over the bay?
    • Because then they’d be bagels!
  • What is the favorite color of a cat?
    • Purr-ple!
  • When a bear gets stuck in the rain, what do you call him?
    • A drizzly bear!
  • When does an elephant sit on your bed?
    • Time to get a new bed.
  • When a dog has a fever, what do you call it?
    • A hot dog.
  • Gorillas have big nostrils for what reason?
    • Because they have big fingers!
  • The snake crossed the road for what reason?
    • To get to the other ssssssside!
  • What kind of fish only swims at night?
    • A starfish!
  • What happens when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?
    • An eggroll!
  • Alligators who solve mysteries are called what?
    • An investigator.
  • Is there anything orange that sounds like a parrot?
    • A carrot.
  • What do you call a pig that practices karate?
    • Pork Chop!
  • What made the cat sit on the computer?
    • To keep an eye on the mouse.
  • Why should you never go outside when it is raining cats and dogs?
    • Because there is a huge probability of you stepping on a poodle!
  • Which animal is the strongest?
    • A snail. He carries his house on his back!
  • What is six-eyed but blind?
    • Three blind mice!
  • When two birds fall in love, what do you call them?
    • Tweethearts!
  • Which animal was the first in space?
    • The cow that jumped over the moon.
  • What do fish do with their money?
    • In the River-Bank!
  • What made the hot dog wear a sweater?
    • Because it was a chili dog.
  • What is black, white, and red everywhere?
    • A sunburnt penguin.
  • What does a mouse feel like after it takes a shower?
    • Squeaky clean.
  • What kind of food does a cheetah prefer?
    • Fast food.

Hilarious Animal Puns for Kids

  • When you cross a crocodile with a rooster, what do you get?
    • A croc-a-doodle-doo.
  • During the weekend, where do cows go?
    • To the moo-vies.
  • Do you know how to say goodbye to a curly-haired dog?
    • Poodle-oo.
  • The sheep went on vacation where?
    • The Baaaahamas.
  • Is there any kind of jungle cat that is no fun to play with?
    • A cheetah.
  • What is the favorite movie of a cow?
    • Moo-lan.
  • Is there an animal that carries an umbrella around?
    • A reindeer!
  • When a cat falls off a table, what will it say?
    • It will say, “Me Ow!”.
  • Cats love magazines, so what’s their favorite?
    • It is a CAT-alogue.
  • What tool do dinosaurs use most often when building a house?
    • They frequently use a dino-saw.
  • Fish hate what day of the week?
    • Fry-day.
  • What is the origin of hamsters?
    • Hamsterdam.
  • What’s the best way for bees to get to school?
    • By school buzz!
  • How do you refer to a sleeping bull?
    • A bull-dozer.
  • What is a cow’s favorite flavor of ice cream?
    • MOOnila!

The Animal Kingdom Challenge

Author’s Note

It is important to find jokes that kids can understand and enjoy. These jokes should be a good way to keep young minds stimulated with some fun facts about animals and laugh along the way. 

We hope you enjoyed our collection of animal jokes from around the web. Our hope is that you use these jokes in a fun way in class, at home, or wherever you need a laugh.

I love animals because they’re so cute and funny! While watching this animal compilation, you can’t help but laugh! We hope you will laugh a lot watching it.

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