Alien Jokes That Won’t Make You Feel Spaced Out

Aliens are a very popular topic among people of all ages. The idea of another life out there in a galaxy that we know of is very exciting.

We have all wondered about extraterrestrial life and the possibility of it being out there. Aliens are now more of a reality with the recent discoveries of planets found outside our solar system. 

Come on, let’s go for the funny humour of aliens! See how these funny alien jokes can brighten up even the darkest mood.

Funny Alien Jokes and Puns

  • Why did the alien bring a pencil to the spaceship?
    • Because you never know when you might need to sketch out a “close encounter” with humans!
  • What do you call an alien who loves to take baths?
    • An extra clean-estrial, because even after traveling the cosmos, they still want to stay fresh and squeaky clean!
  • Why did the alien refuse to play hide and seek with the humans?
    • Because blending in is tough when you’re green, have three eyes, and your spaceship is as big as a football field!
  • What do you call an alien who loves to dance?
    • An “extraterrestri-groove,” because when they hit the dance floor, their moves are so out-of-this-world it’s electrifying!
  • How do aliens throw a party?
    • They “beam” their friends up for a good time, and trust me, their parties are always a blast, no probing involved!
  • An alien deserves what?
    • Some space!
  • How do you describe an alien with muscles?
    • A flex-tra terrestrial!
  • Could you tell me what the alien said to the garden?
    • Take me to your weeder!
  • Is there a reason why the alien threw beef on the asteroid?
    • He wanted a little meteor!
  • When the alien ran out of room, what did he say?
    • I’m all spaced out.
  • What is the secret to aliens keeping their trousers up?
    • With an asteroid belt!
  • What was the purpose of the alien’s visit to Saturn?
    • To go ring shopping.
  • Have you heard about the moon-obsessed alien?
    • It was just a phase!
  • Can you tell me what aliens like to eat?
    • Unidentified frying objects!
  • Are there any books that romantic aliens enjoy reading?
    • Love star-ries.
  • A three-eyed alien is called what?
    • An aliiien!
  • Aliens get haircuts in what way?
    • Eclipse it.
  • What is the best way for aliens to organize a party?
    • They planet!
  • Can you tell me how aliens harvest their crops?
    • With tractor beams.
  • Have you heard about the man who was captured by extra-terrestrial teddy bears?
    • He had a close encounter of the furred kind.
  • When aliens want to look smart, what do they wear?
    • Space suits!
  • Can you tell me what an alien’s favorite treat is?
    • Martian-mallows!
  • Is there a reason why the alphabet only contains 18 letters?
    • Because E.T. flew off in a UFO, and the CIA chased after him!
  • Before going to bed, what do starlets like to read?
    • Comet books!
  • Can you tell me what happened to the alien who stepped on gum?
    • She got stuck in Orbit.
  • Is there a way to make a baby alien sleep?
    • You rocket.
  • How did the alien respond to the measuring cup?
    • “Take me to your liter.”
  • How about grey, “mad for it” and living on Mars?
    • Alien Gallagher.
  • How did the alien respond to Boys’ Life?
    • “Take me to your reader.”
  • Alien tea drinkers are messy, why is that?
    • With flying saucers, it’s hard not to spill it.
  • An alien is like a collection of autographs of famous actors, why?
    • They’ve both come from the stars.
  • Are there things that never happen in Star Trek?
    • A member of the crew is taken over by an alien entity and everyone else finds it’s an improvement.
  • Can you tell me what the alien said to the garden?
    • “Take me to your weeder!”
  • Is there a reason why aliens haven’t yet visited our solar system?
    • They read the reviews: one star.
  • If you see a green alien, what should you do?
    • Wait until it’s ripe!
  • Is there a reason why aliens don’t visit the restaurant in space?
    • Because it has no atmosphere.
  • Can you tell me what currency aliens use?
    • Starbucks. 
  • What is the most popular place for aliens to chill out?
    • The space bar.
  • What word has the word lie in it?
    • Alien, of course. Because scientist are lying about the truth!
  • Is there a reason why the alien’s friends weren’t very fond of him?
    • Because he was not down to earth.
  • For dinner, what do aliens eat?
    • Stars. 
  • Is there a reason why the alien was reading a book about antigravity?
    • He just could not put it down. 
  • Alien communication is difficult for what reason?
    • They do not understand the gravity of certain situations.
  • Ancient Aliens:
    • When I was a child, we built pyramids on Earth. None of this new-fangled abduction malarkey!
  • I bet aliens ride past earth and lock their doors. 

The Alien Planet Personality Quiz


Aliens are something that can be a lot of fun. Over the years, science fiction has become obsessed with them.

Since so much thought has gone into what they might be like, it makes sense that they would give us even more to ponder through their jokes. 

We hope you enjoyed these alien jokes as much as we did. Don’t forget to share your favorite jokes with your friends! Here are some other jokes that will definitely make your day more fun.

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