Funny Addresses That Will Make You Think Twice

You may think these funny addresses are the result of a mistake or a typo but they are the real deal. They are examples of addresses that are actually used in real life. 

They will make you think twice before you drop a letter in an envelope or try to locate a business on a map.

You will also get a lot of happiness from the Ohio jokes, California jokes, and Country jokes. Have a blast and enjoy.

List of Funny Addresses

  • Boring, Oregon, USA
  • Ha-Ha Road, London, UK
  • This, That & The Other Street, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Grope Lane, Shropshire, UK
  • Welcome to Intercourse Lancaster Country, Pennsylvenia
  • Pump Alley, Middlesex
  • Wideopen, Newcastle
  • Pant, Shropshire
  • Barangay Baliw, San Juan, Ilocos Sur (Village Crazy, San Juan, Ilocos Sur)
  • Barangay Malasin, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan (Village Karma, Pozzorubio, Pangasinan)
  • Wisteria Grange Barn, Pikes End, Pinner London, UK
  • Gayhouse Lane Outwood, Redhill, UK
  • Waterybutts, architectural structure in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, UK
  • Shades of Death Road, Road in New Jersey
  • Sandy Balls, Hampshire, England.
  • Bucket of Blood Street, Arizona, USA.
  • Fuk Hing Lane, Hong Kong.
  • Shitterton, Dorset, England.
  • Old Trash Pile Road, Henderson, Louisiana, USA.
  • Tater Peeler Road, Tennessee, USA.
  • Boggy Bottom, Abbots Langley, England.
  • Candy Castle Lane, Indiana, USA.
  • Stalker Road, Perth, Australia.
  • Spunk Creek, Stream in Minnesota
  • Twatt, Village in mainland, Orkney, Scotland
  • Booger Branch RdGeorgia 30711, USA
  • Alaska: Yellowsnow Road
  • Farfrompoopen RdArkansas 71970, USA
  • Sexmoán, Pampanga, Philippines (changed to Sasmuan in 1991)
  • Easy Street and Ho Hum Road in Carefree, Arizona
  • Funtastic Drive in Dadeville, Arkansas
  • No Name Creek in Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • Chicken Dinner Road in Caldwell, Idaho
  • Billy Goat Strut Alley, in Kentucky
  • Middelfart, a city in Denmark
  • Nowhere, a marshy area near Norfolk in the UK
  • Smellies Lane, in Dundee, Scotland
  • Disappointment Islands, a group of islands in French Polynesia
  • Cannibal Road Loleta, CA 95551, USA
  • Error Street New Doornfontein, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa
  • Peepee Falls, Waterfall in Hawaii
  • Jive Turkey LnCalifornia 95965, USA

Many of us have our fair share of amusing addresses to boast of. But the ones mentioned above are probably one of the funniest you’ll ever come across. Right? That’s right!

Share these with friends and family and they will probably add these addresses to their bucket list!

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