World’s Funniest Broken Toe Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Until Toe-morrow

The human body is a miracle of creation. Like everything else, it gets injured over time. One of the most common injuries is a broken toe. Although most people would hide their broken toes with shoes and other clothing, this blog takes a different approach. You will learn some of the funniest broken toe jokes.

It’s interesting how broken toe jokes can make you laugh. They can be used to keep the spirits of the team high even when you are in the midst of a crisis!

Broken Toe Jokes and Puns That Are Really Fun

  • The woman leave her ex-army husband with a broken toe after the war, why?
    • Because the woman was lack toes intolerant.
  • After stumbling on solid gold, what did the boy say?
    • “Au, Au, Au, it hurts”
  • When the man hurt his feet while driving, who did he call instead of a doctor?
    • He called the toe truck.
  • Thor’s toe hurt. Why?
    • His hammer fell.
  • When his sister stepped on his toe, what did one cell say?
    • “Mitosis!”
  • Whenever he stubs his toe, Loki says?
    • Ow, that was Thor!
  • Michael Jackson stubs his toe and sees what?
    • OW!
  • Why did the Redgaurd’s toe hurt?
    • His hammerfell. 
  • Are you my pinky toe?
    • My goal is to bang you on every piece of furniture.
  • How do you call a man with a sting on his foot?
    • Toby!
  • The Neanderthal cat says what when he stubs his toe? “
    • Me. Ow!”
  • Cracked toe: why?
    • Because it was being toe-rtured!
  • When you wake up with 9 bruises and stub your toe in the morning, what do you call it?
    • Tenth-hurty.
  • The broken toe go to the doctor, why?
    • To be heeled!
  • When you kick a rocket, what causes the pain?
    • Missile Toe.
  • What did one toe say to another?
    • See you toe-morrow!”
  • When a foot wants to remember a moment, what does he do?
    • He takes a pho-toe!
  • Toasted feet use what kind of spread?
    • Toe jam.
  • What do you call an Italian with a rubber toe?
    • Roberto!
  • Cannibals eat what to freshen their breath?
    • Men toes.
  • Cows have hooves, not toes?
    • Because they lactose.
  • Why don’t people’s toes signal for help when their feet fall asleep?
    • They’re coma-toes.
  • Is there a difference between a sock and a camera?
    • A sock takes five toes.
  • Do blondes tip-toe past medicine cabinets?
    • Yes, so they don’t wake up the sleeping pills. 
  • What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?
    • Your toe is cut off with an axe. 
  • When all the toes are called back to their kingdom, what movie is it called?
    • The movie is called Toe-tal Recall!
  • Eye jokes are worse than toe jokes?
    • Because toe jokes may be cheesy, but eye jokes are cornea.
  • Which vegetable does a toe least like?
    • Bunions!
  • How do you describe Stephen Hawking’s feet?
    • Hot wheels.

Hilarious Broken Toe One Liners and Short Stories

  • A friend of mine broke her toe.
    • I sent her my dearest con-toe-lenses.
  • The weight room changed my life.
    • I lost 25 pounds.
    • Right on my big toe.
    • It’s broken now I can hardly walk.
  • My toe was dislocated earlier.
    • It was a joint effort.
  • To check my bad toenail, I went to the doctor.
    • Toe-ma-toe ketchup is what she prescribed for me.
  • Three weeks ago, a whole tub of margarine fell on my toe.
    • I can’t believe it’s not butter.
  • Playing soccer hurt my vegetarian girlfriend’s foot.
    • I took her for some toe-fu to cheer her up.
  • Can’t move your toe after a bad stub?
    • You can count on a toetruck.
  • When he dropped a knife on his toe, he lost it.
    • Doctor: I’ve got good and bad news. 
    • Guy: What’s the bad news, Doc? 
    • Doctor: Your toe was replaced with candy.
    • Guy: Good news?
    • Doctor: You now have tic tac toe.
  • Frank was going to be Jesus’ name.
    • Then Joseph stubbed his toe and the rest is history.
  • Nan broke her toe with a brick today.
    • She broke her toe last time when she kicked her car tire.
    • Do I now have to take her back to the doctor?
  • I just subbed my toe on a corner of the sofa…
    • COUCH!!!!
  • Stubbed my toe and shouted “Duck!”
    • Always makes me use fowl language.
  • A person with a toe fetish cheats on you.
    • Does that mean they got off the wrong foot? 
  • The toes of my cousin are tattooed.
    • When we asked what they meant she said, “They are my new tat-toes!”
  • My father has been working on a foot-controlled keyboard, and today, he finally finished his first pro-toe-type.
  • All my friends started talking about their toenails.
    • I politely asked them to change the toe-pic!
  • The dinosaur with a sore foot should be called an Ankle-sore-us.

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Author’s Note

In situations involving injuries or medical conditions, it’s essential to prioritize empathy and sensitivity over humor. Joking about someone’s pain or discomfort, such as a broken toe, can be hurtful and inappropriate. Let’s focus on sharing jokes that bring smiles without causing harm or offense.

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