You’ll Laugh Your Pants Off with These Funny Math Jokes

Math jokes are a clever way to get students laughing in your math class. They’re also an excellent way for parents and educators to break the ice with children who refuse to do their homework!

Get ready for some laugh-out-loud math jokes! We guarantee these puns will have you cracking up in a second.

Math Jokes Of All Time

  • Nursing math a friend took her son to the doctor when he sprained his finger. After applying a splint, the nurse was told that she had put it on the wrong finger. “I’m sorry,” she said. “That’s fine,” his son said. “You were only off by one digit.” a friend took her son to the doctor’s office after he sprained his finger. The nurse applied a splint, only to find out that it was applied to the wrong finger…
  • I’ll take algebra, trig, and statistics but graphing is where I draw the line!
  • One day Jesus was telling his flock a sermon, “the path to the lord lies at y=x2−4x+2y=x2-4x+2”. The passer-by whispers to peter: “what is he banging on about?” Peter responds, “Don’t worry, it’s just one of his parabolas.”
  • Three statisticians found a rabbit on a hunting expedition. The first hit it, overshooting. The second struck it and missed. The third shouted: “We caught him.”
  • Ann: how many pumpkins do you think I would have left if I gave you three? Ben: I don’t know. Ann: Why not? Ben: At our school, we do all our arithmetic with apples and oranges.
  • 1 had a discussion with a 90-degree angle ‘turns out it’s right.
  • Algebra, stop your x-hunt. You’ll never get it back – so don’t bother asking y.

Math Question With Ridiculous Answers

  • How could six be afraid of seven? It’s because seven eight nine! 
  • What is the reason for never mentioning the digit 288? Obviously, it’s “two-gross”. 
  • Have you ever wondered what’s odd? Every other number!
  • What do mathematicians do after it snows? They make snow angles!
  • When it comes to math, which tool is best? The multi-pliers.
  • What kind of math is most loved by swimmers? Dive-ision!
  • Have you heard about the statistician who drowned crossing the river? It was about 3 feet deep on average. 
  • Baby parabolas drink what? Quadratic formula.
  • What caused the chicken to cross the mobius strip? to get to the same side.
  • Why did the student get upset when his teacher called him average? It was a mean thing to say! 
  • How do you make seven even? Remove the ‘s’. 
  • Who do geometry teachers like hanging out with?  A small circle of friends.
  • Which subject does the butterfly like best in school? Mothematics.
  • The number that can’t remain in one place? A roamin’ numeral.
  • Why do plants dislike math? That gives them square roots.
  • Teacher: what happens when you add 2n to 2n? Students: I don’t know. It sounds 4n to me. 
  • Why was the geometry teacher not present at school? Because she twisted her angle!
  • How many mathematicians is needed to change a light bulb? One: she gives it to three physicists, thus reducing it to a problem that has already been solved.
  • If you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber, what would you get? None. You can’t cross a vector and a scalar.
  • What would I have if I had seven pumpkins on one hand and eight pumpkins on the other? Big hands!
  • What made the equal sign so humble? He realized that he wasn’t < or > anyone else!
  • How do you teach a chicken to do math? Show it lots of egg-samples!
  • How do you refer to a snake length of 3,14 meters? A pi-thon.
  • Why should you never speak to pi? Because he will go on and on and on forever.
  • Why are obtuse triangles so frustrated always? Because it is never right.
  • Why couldn’t the angle get a loan from the bank? His parents wouldn’t cosine.
  • Teacher: Why are you doing your multiplication calculations on the floor? Student: you told me not to use tables.
  • Why did the triangle make the basketball team over the square? They always made three-pointers.

Kids love jokes even more than getting right answers, so show them the best math jokes to get them excited about a new topic. Then, work through problems using the jokes as an extra motivation trick.

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