Florida Jokes That Will Have You In Tears of Laughter

If you were born and raised in Florida, or have been living there for a while, then you know that the state has some pretty hilarious sayings. Whether it be about food, weather, or just life in general; Floridians are known to be a witty bunch who love to laugh at themselves. 

If you are looking for laughs from this state, you have come to the right place! This collection of the funniest Florida jokes is here so you can let others know exactly what is so funny about Florida.

Laughable Florida Puns

  1. When old people retire and move to Florida, it’s because they want to start practicing for Hell.
  2. The fact that Gatorade was created by Florida State rather than the University of Florida makes sense since Seminole Fluid just doesn’t sound as good.
  3. In Florida, the heat is so intense that when you die and go to Hell, you wake up in Boca Raton.
  4. Florida is a typical 80’s state, from the temperature to the humidity and the average age to the IQ.
  5. Florida is so hot that people gather around fires to cool off.
  6. It is hurricane season in Florida and I always get a little sad… you could say I suffer from tropical depression.
  7. Other states’ nightmares are just a reflection of what’s happening in Florida.
  8. The state of Florida is a navigational anomaly… As you move further north, it grows increasingly southern.
  9. The year 2020 was almost like a parallel universe in which we lived in Florida.
  10. It’s almost too bad I’m leaving Florida. Without my hair and eyeballs to catch them by the millions, the gnat population will probably quadruple.
  11. This is how he expressed his grief over the demise of that school: “You think I’m stupid because my college got thrown away by those Miami Heat fans.”

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Funny Florida Jokes

  1. What is the number of Justices on the Florida Supreme Court? We don’t know. They haven’t finished counting yet!
  2. Do Tom Brady and Robert Kraft still have anything in common? They go to Florida for a happy ending.
  3. How do you refer to Wall-E’s cousin who cleans floors? Floor-E duh!
  4. Do you know what to call a Mormon from Florida? A Fort Lauderdale saint.
  5. Which places do pianists visit for vacation? Florida Keys.
  6. Right now, what color is the sky in Florida? Dorian gray.
  7. Why are Florida State graduates keeping their diplomas on their dashboards? In order to be able to park in handicap spaces.
  8. Have you heard about the power outage at Florida State University library? Thirty students were trapped on the escalator for three hours.
  9. What motivated the Florida fisherman to fly to Alaska? Oh, for halibut.
  10. What is the recipe for University of Florida cookies? Beat them for 3 hours in a large bowl.
  11. How does Donald Trump differ from a jet engine? When the plane reaches Florida, the engine stops whining.
  12. What is the significance of TGIF on Florida students’ shoes? Toes Go In First!
  13. The University Of Florida football team was buried up to its neck in cement up to three football fans. What should you do? Get more cement.
  14. You need how many Florida men before you can make change for a dollar? It’s impossible. Nobody in Florida has any cents.
  15. Why are so many button-fly jeans sold in Florida? Because sheep can hear zippers from a mile away.
  16. Another blonde asks the question, is it Florida or the moon that is farther away? The other blonde replies, well, I can see Florida from here.
  17. A Florida State girl doesn’t get to bed by 10pm, so what does she do? Go Home.
  18. When Trump gets the Vice President to “jinx” him while campaigning in Florida, what will happen? He must buy Mike Pensacola.
  19. What caused Florida Seminoles to die from drinking milk? The cow fell on him!
  20. Which four years have been the most memorable in the Florida Gators history? Third grade
  21. What makes a Florida State girl different from a bowling ball? A bowling ball can be difficult to pick up.
  22. What separates a good team from a great team? The Florida-Georgia border.
  23. What does a Florida native have in common with a bottle of beer? Both are empty from the neck up.
  24. The boys and the men at Florida State are separated in what way? By way of a restraining order.

There is nothing like Florida’s quirky sense of humor. These Florida jokes that are sure to make you laugh out loud. Whether you are from Florida or just visiting, these jokes will make you laugh out loud. Make sure to share it with your friends and family!

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