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Star Trek is a well-known franchise that has captured the hearts and minds of many people for years. What you may not know is that there are some funny jokes about Star Trek out there. While you might not have the same humour as the writer of these jokes, you can still get a good laugh out of them. 

Having said that, here you can find all the best jokes from the show, dating all the way back almost fifty years to the original series. All of these jokes are funny, clean, and family-friendly. 

Hilarious Star Trek Jokes

  • What do you get when you cross a Tribble with a Vulcan?
    • A very furry pet that’s highly logical about shedding!
  • Why did the Ferengi open a bakery on the Enterprise?
    • Because he wanted to make some “profit”able treats and finally prove that “dough” is the universal language!
  • How does Worf take his coffee?
    • With honor, of course, but he prefers it “Klingon Strong” enough to wake the dead!
  • Why did the Borg go to therapy?
    • Because they had trouble adapting to their feelings, and the therapist was the only one who could “resist” their emotional assimilation!
  • Why did Captain Picard go to art school?
    • So he could learn how to “make it so” on the canvas, and he’s been boldly painting ever since!
  • What’s the Klingon’s favorite game?
    • Worfleball! It’s like baseball but with more honor and fewer strikes!
  • Worf changed his hair color for what reason?
    • It was a good day to dye.
  • When a Bird of Prey falls out, how do you stop it?
    • You just have to Klingon.
  • Approximately how many ears does Mr. Spock have?
    • There are three. The left ear, the right ear, and finally a final front ear.
  • How do you refer to a Cardassian on a sailing ship?
    • A sea-Gul.
  • What is the Borg’s favourite place to eat?
    • BORGer King!
  • Have you heard about Kirk’s upcoming wedding?
    • He engaged the Borg!
  • Have you heard about the Captain of the Enterprise?
    • He had a one trek mind!
  • It takes how many Ferengi to change a light bulb?
    • One for changing and the other for selling the broken one.
  • How does one become a Star Trek fan?
    • They Klingon.
  • I wonder how a Romulan frog stays camouflaged?
    • He uses a croaking device!
  • Mr. Spock found what in Captain Kirk’s toilet?
    • The Captain’s Log!
  • Do you know what Commander Riker enjoys doing most?
    • Sewing, because Captain Picard is always saying “Make it so!”
  • When a Deep Space 9 crew member runs as fast as he can, what is that called?
    • Worf Speed!
  • On Vulcan, how are glasses called?
    • Spocktacles!
  • Two science officers getting into an argument is referred to as what?
    • Science Friction!
  • What does Scotty have if Spock has pointy ears?
    • Engineers!
  • What makes Star Trek so successful?
    • Because it has good Genes!
  • What illness did everyone on the Enterprise catch that caused them to feel itchy and red?
    • Chicken Spocks!
  • The Romulan crossed the road for what reason?
    • To conquer the other side!
  • The Borg crossed the road for what reason?
    • Because it assimilated the chicken!
  • Spock crossed the road for what reason?
    • Because it was logical!
  • Mr. Scott crossed the road for what reason?
    • Because his transporter beam wasn’t working!
  • How do you describe a Klingon with half a brain?
    • A genius!
  • What is the best way to get a one-armed Klingon down from a tree?
    • Wave to him!
  • The Enterprise had to be repaired at the garage. Why?
    • It needed new Spock plugs!
  • Can you tell me which breakfast cereal Sisko prefers?
    • Quarker Oats!
  • To change a light bulb, how many Borg are needed?
    • All of them, because they are one!
  • It takes how many Klingons to change a light bulb?
    • None. Real warriors aren’t afraid of the dark!

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Funny Star Trek One-Liners

  • I accidentally attended a Star Trek convention dressed as Chewbacca from Star Wars.
    • That’s a Wookie mistake!
  • Star Trek fans always receive a gift when they attend a convention.
    • The prize is called the enter prize!
  • A Klingon and a red shirt fight;
    • the Klingon misses every shot, but the red shirt dies regardless!

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There is no doubt that we are living in a complicated world and it’s difficult to keep up with everything that is going on.

So when you need a break from the chaos of the world, you just need to watch Star Trek. It’s a fun way to take a break from the daily grind and get some laughs while you do it. It’s got its own sense of humor and if you are feeling down or need a laugh, Star Trek is always there for you.

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