Dance Jokes That Never Fail to Get to the Pointe

Dancing is a great way of exercising. However, it is not just a way to dance that makes it fun. It is also a way to make jokes and make people laugh. Dance jokes are the best way to make people laugh while they are enjoying themselves. 

It’s a known fact that dancers can have some pretty hilarious stories to tell about themselves. 

Today I would like to share with you some of the jokes that never fail to get me to the pointe.

Dance Jokes and Puns You’ll Laugh At

  • Is there a reason why ballet dancers are so easy to talk to?
    • They always get right to the pointe!
  • What is the number of dancer teachers needed to change a light bulb?
    • Five! Six! Seven! Eight!
  • What is the name of a dance that begins at 10 am?
    • Attendance.
  • How would you describe a fuzzy brown bear as a dancer?
    • A contemporHAIRY dancer!
  • What is the best way to make a tissue dance?
    • You put a little boogie in it!
  • In basketball, what do you call a ballet dancer who also shoots 3’s?
    • A BALLERina!
  • One day, the hopeless dancer felt burned out. What did she say?
    • “What’s the pointe?!”
  • Can you tell me what a dinner roll’s favorite dance is?
    • ABUNdance!
  • How do you describe someone who dances on top of cars?
    • A morris dancer.
  • What kind of dance does a plumber do?
    • A tap dance!
  • What was the reason for the knives dancing together?
    • Because they looked sharp!
  • Is there a reason why journalists are always successful ballroom dancers?
    • Because they’re able to follow even the most difficult lead. 
  • What kind of mushroom likes to dance?
    • A fungi to be with. 
  • What dance is known by all astronauts?
    • The moonwalk.
  • Ghosts dance to what?
    • Soul music.
  • In California, where can you dance?
    • San Fran-disco
  • Can you tell me where fortune-tellers dance?
    • At the crystal ball.
  • In the jam jar, why did the little kid dance?
    • Because the top said, “Twist to open.”
  • When line dancers are tired, what do they do?
    • They Line Down.
  • How would you define dancing?
    • It is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.
  • When pitchers want to dance, where do they go?
    • The Base Ball.
  • Can you tell me what a vampire’s favorite dance is?
    • The Fang Tango.
  • Lemons like what kind of dancing?
    • Merengue.
  • Which type of dance is most popular with mothers?
    • The Mom-bo.
  • Tacos love to dance, so what’s their favorite?
    • Salsa!
  • What is the favorite dance of a snake?
    • The Mamba!
  • What was Cinderella’s problem with tap dancing?
    • She kept losing her shoes!
  • What is the first sign that a banana wants to dance?
    • When you see a banana shake!
  • What makes tap dancing so dangerous?
    • You might fall in the sink!
  • What was the scarecrow’s reason for not attending the dance?
    • He had no body to dance with.

Animal Dance Jokes You’ll Enjoy

  • What kind of dance does an owl enjoy?
    • The hooooooola!
  • On Thanksgiving, what’s the best dance to do?
    • The turkey trot.
  • What is the one dance a duck will never perform?
    • The foxtrot.
  • Hippies hate what dance?
    • A square dance.
  • What makes dogs such bad dancers?
    • They have two left feet.
  • What is a frog’s favorite dance?
    • The Lindy Hop.

Dance One-Liners You’ll Like

  • I saw my ex yesterday and she promised to dance on my grave when I die.
    • ‘Good’ I said, ‘I’m being buried at sea’
  • At the disco, I asked a girl if she wanted to dance.
    • She said, “Yes”, so I said, “Great, can I have your chair?”
  • I went to a wedding dance once.
    • During the DJ’s “Twist” song, I did the twist.
    • When he played “Jump”, of course I jumped.
    • When he played “Come on Eileen”, well, I ended up getting arrested.
  • In a recent dance competition, a winner was exposed as a racist.
    • She had alt the right moves.
  • Dance problem:
    • I give an eyeroll when people find out I’m a dancer and ask me to split right then.  
  • Dancer: I’m so tired. I need to get an early night tonight. 
    • Choreographs an entire show at 3 a.m. 

Here are some jokes guaranteed to make your lips tingle with laughter.

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