The Best Collection of Aht Aht Aht Jokes in One Place for the Whole Group to Enjoy

Whether it’s just for fun or to break the ice with a new team, Aht Aht Aht jokes are an easy way to build rapport. There is nothing like a little good clean fun to lift the spirits of a group. 

But what happens when the jokes are as filthy as they can be? You end up with a bunch of people telling each other jokes for a good laugh and understanding the humor of the joke.

In this article, we have collected the funniest dirty jokes we could find so everyone can enjoy them.

Hilarious Aht Aht Aht Jokes

  • Is there a fish that is the richest in the world?
    • A goldfish.
  • What made the picture go to jail?
    • Because it was framed.
  • How do you refer to a fish wearing a bowtie?
    • Sofishticated.
  • What do you call a bear without teeth?
    • A gummy bear.
  • What is the name of a dinosaur with a great vocabulary?
    • A thesaurus. 
  • In an earthquake, what do you call a cow?
    • A milkshake. 
  • How would you describe an acid with an attitude?
    • A mean-o-acid. 
  • If someone never farts in public, what do you call them?
    • A private toother.
  • Why did the smartphone need to wear glasses?
    • Because it lost all its contacts.
  • Which state has the smallest drinks?
    • Mini-Soda.
  • When Superman eats, what is his favorite item?
    • A super bowl. 
  • Would Batman do anything if he wasn’t rich?
    • He is robin’.
  • What is Dr. Octopus’s favorite month?
    • Oct-ober.
  • Does Ironman say anything to Spiderman?
    • Don’t bug me. 
  • What do you call a Mexican who lost his car?
    • Carlos. 
  • Alligators who want to be detectives are called what?
    • An investigator.
  • The mushroom went to the party for what reason?
    • Because he’s a fungi. 
  • Napoleon’s armies were kept where?
    • Up his sleevies!
  • Do you know what happened to that guy who was cut off on the left side?
    • He’s all right now!
  • What do you call a man with rubber toes?
    • Roberto!
  • What would you call a man without a body and a nose?
    • Nobody nose. 
  • What is an American bee called?
    • A USB.
  • When you see a cute door, what do you call it?
    • A door-able. 
  • What makes the shrimp not share his treasure?
    • He’s a little shellfish.
  • What is the best way to catch a whole school of fish?
    • With bookworms.
  • Which chain can you eat?
    • A food chain.
  • Dad, can you put my shoes on?
    • No, I don’t think they’ll fit me. 
  • What was the mountain climber’s son’s name?
    • Cliff. 
  • Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon?
    • Great food, no atmosphere. 
  • On an apple tree, how many apples grow?
    • All of them. 
  • The calendar makes me nervous.
    • The days are numbered.
  • According to my wife, I should do lunges to stay in shape.
    • That would be a big step forward.
  • I thought my clothes were shrinking in the dryer.
    • Turns out it was the refrigerator all along.
  • Last night, I slept like a log.
    • I awoke next to the fireplace.

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We can all relate to Aht Aht Aht jokes from time to time, as they are mostly fresh, funny, and witty. They have a special way of making people laugh and smile, which is why they are loved by both adults and children alike.

Watch out for the Aht Aht Aht funny video compilation. You won’t be able to stop laughing!

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