November Jokes: 30 Days of Laughs to Warm Your Fall

Ah, November—the month that sits right on the cusp of autumn and winter, like the awkward guest at a Thanksgiving dinner party who can’t decide whether to wear shorts or a parka. But fear not, for we’ve gathered an arsenal of November jokes to bring a little warmth and laughter to those chilly days and long, cozy nights.

Whether you’re preparing for Thanksgiving feasts, enduring the early sunsets, or just trying to stay warm with your favorite cup of cocoa, these November jokes are here to add a sprinkle of humor to your month.

So, grab your scarf and let’s dive into a world of November hilarity!

Thanksgiving Jokes

  • Why did the turkey sit next to the computer?
    • Because it wanted to keep an eye on the stuffing!
  • What do you call a turkey the day after Thanksgiving?
    • Leftovers.
  • What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert?
    • Peach gobbler!
  • What did the mashed potatoes say to the turkey?
    • You’re gravy, baby!
  • Why did the scarecrow become a successful comedian?
    • Because he was outstanding in his field!

Fall and Weather Jokes

  • What’s the tree’s favorite month?
    • Sep-Timber!
  • Why did the scarecrow stand in the middle of the field during November?
    • Because he wanted to be outstanding in his field during fall!
  • What do you call a bear with no teeth in November?
    • A gummy bear!
  • Why do leaves always travel in groups in November?
    • Because they don’t like to be alone during fall!
  • What do you call a snowman in November?
    • A puddle!

November Jokes (Mustache-themed)

  • Why did the man shave his mustache in November?
    • Because he wanted a fresh start for Movember!
  • What do you call a mustache that’s also a detective?
    • A must-ache investigator!
  • How does a mustache stay warm in November?
    • It grows a little fur coat!
  • Why did the mustache get a promotion?
    • Because it had an impressive ‘stache-tistic!
  • What did the barber say to the mustache?
    • “I mustache you to sit still!”

November Puns

  • November is the month that’s never late for dinner because it’s always fall-ing.
  • November has no manners; it just leaves without saying goodbye.
  • Why did November apply for a job?
    • Because it wanted to make some “fall” money!
  • I’m going to take a “leaf” of absence this November.
  • November is when trees count down the days until spring.
    • It’s a “timber” countdown!

Daylight Saving Time Jokes

  • Why do November mornings feel so long?
    • Because they come with an extra hour of sleep!
  • November is the month when you can set your clock back and pretend you have more time.
  • Why did the clock go to therapy in November?
    • Because it couldn’t “spring forward” from the trauma of Daylight Saving Time!
  • November is when people realize that they’ve been living in the past for months.
    • Thanks, Daylight Saving Time!
  • What do you call a clock that’s always late in November?
    • Behind the times!

As we say goodbye to November, it’s time to wrap up this hilarious journey through the quirkiest month of the year. November might be as indecisive as a squirrel choosing between acorns or pinecones, but it sure knows how to keep us entertained! From the perplexing weather changes to the inevitable awkward family gatherings, this month is a comedy goldmine.

Now, as we transition into December and its twinkling holiday lights, let’s hold on to those memories of laughter and puns that kept us warm. Remember, when life gives you chilly November days, turn them into hot cocoa and a good laugh. Stay funny, stay cozy, and keep those November jokes handy for the next time this wild month rolls around!

It’s the perfect moment to dive into these late-fall activities and rev up for the upcoming holiday season. Don’t miss out!

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