Funny Hunting Jokes That Will Never Let You Get Lost

You’re about to set out on a hunting trip, and you need to take your mind off everything that’s going on. 

This list of funny hunting jokes will make you laugh and think about hunting in a different light.

Also, check camp jokes and wood puns! It will be a lot of fun to tell these jokes to your friends and family.

Hilarious Hunting Jokes and Puns

  • What is the best way to organize a space hunting trip?
    • You “planet” carefully and make sure the aliens are well camouflaged!
  • Why did the hunter bring a mirror into the forest?
    • So he could see “deer” reflections!
  • When you cross a hunting dog with a computer, what do you get?
    • A lot of bites!
  • What is the best way to make a hunter laugh?
    • Tell them a “buck”-wild joke!
  • What type of music does a hunter enjoy listening to?
    • “Buck”-shot country!
  • Is there a reason why the hunter always brought a fishing rod with him?
    • In case he wanted to “tackle” something different!
  • Was the hunter unaware of what he was hunting?
    • Because he was sleep-hunting!
  • What makes mushroom hunting unethical?
    • It would harm one’s morels.
  • How did the deer keep track of the hunter?
    • Through its deer stand.
  • What caused the hunter to miss his shot?
    • Because his aim was not deer-ected accurately!
  • When one hunter saw a deer, what did he say to another?
    • “Are you up for some deer-licious dinner?”
  • How much did hunting at the zoo cost?
    • Couple bucks.
  • Before hunting for food, what did the tiger tell his family?
    • “Let us prey.”
  • Is there a reason why the Mexican didn’t go bow hunting?
    • Because he didn’t habanero.
  • What is the name of a hunter who cannot stop duck hunting?
    • A quackhead.
  • Can you tell me what the Native American word for vegetarian is?
    • “Poor hunter!”
  • For a hunter’s birthday, what do you get him?
    • A birthday pheasant.
  • Which game is a hunter’s favorite?
    • Duck Duck Goose.
  • Is there a difference between a hunter and a fisherman?
    • A hunter lies in wait while a fisherman waits and lies.
  • Can you tell me what kind of meat is the cheapest?
    • Deer balls, they’re under a buck!
  • When you cross a hunting dog with a telephone, what do you get?
    • A golden receiver.
  • Is there anything better than deer hunting?
    • Yeah, me neither. 
  • Is there something white, black, and red all over?
    • A zebra who walked into a hunting reserve.
  • In Chernobyl, what do you call hunting for fish?
    • Nuclear fishin’.
  • In America, why would it be a bad idea to hunt bald eagles?
    • Because it’s ill-eagle.
  • How come hippies don’t have an open hunting season?
    • Have you ever tried to clean one?

Crazy Hunting One Liners and Stories

  • In the woods, three hunters discover tracks.
    • The first hunter says, “Hey guys, I think these are elk tracks!”
    • The second one says, “No, I’m pretty sure these are wolf tracks.”
    • They are all hit by the train before the third can say anything.
  • During their bear hunt, two Canadian hunters encountered a fork in the road as they drove through the country.
    • There was a sign which read, “BEAR LEFT”.
    • As a result, they turned around and went home.
  • One day, two deer hunters meet in the woods.
    • The first one says to the other, “Thank God I’ve met you, I’ve been lost for hours!”
    • The second hunter replies, “That’s nothing – I’ve been lost for days!”
  • Fossil hunters already have an unfair advantage.
    • The fossils are already dead.
  • Bambi is what I call my wife. With brown eyes and a cute face, she believes it’s because she is so cute.
    • Actually, it’s because I would like someone to shoot her mother with a hunting rifle.
  • It was my Grandfather’s habit to warn me against wearing animal skin hats in the woods during hunting season.”
    • One day I asked him why and he said “Other hunters might try and make conversation with you”
  • There was a friend of mine who worked at a car shop and enjoyed hunting. 
    • I’m not friends with him anymore because he turned my dog into a car-pet.
  • There was a young boy armed only with a slingshot when a group of hunters equipped with rifles, ammo, and camping supplies came upon him.
    • “What are you hunting for?” asked an older hunter.
    • “I don’t know. I ain’t seen it yet,” said the boy.
  • One day, someone goes hunting in the forest and discovers that there are a few others there as well.
    • He comes back the next day to learn he is the only person there.
    • Where are the others?
    • They’re in his freezer.
  • People often ask what hunting is like in Michigan: 
    • I’ve got hundreds in stands, archery equipment, my hunting leases and trailcams, what can you give me for that? Best I can do is a button buck. 
  • As a Pennsylvanian, I have the hardest time dressing like I hunt deer all the time. 

The Hunter’s Humor Quiz

Author’s Note

It’s an often-repeated fact that many hunters can be a little gung-ho about their hobby – so much so it’s not uncommon to hear stories where hunters have become lost or taken longer to reach their destination than they should.

If you’re out hunting with friends and colleagues, you can help keep their minds off the fact they’re lost by sharing some hunting-based jokes around the campfire or in your tents.

Check out these hunting equipment and gear checklists. Be sure to pack them all in your bag before you go hunting.

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