Silly Finance Jokes Will Have You Laughing Even If You Are Broke

Although it might be tempting to stress over your finances, you might not realize that you can make fun of your finances to make yourself feel better.

It’s not easy to make fun of your finances, but this blog will show you some silly finance jokes that will make you laugh even if you are broke.

Funny Finance Puns

  • An engineering major asks, “What steps need to be taken to build this?”.
    • A business major asks, “How can we finance this?”.
    • An arts major asks, “Do you want fries with that?”.
  • When I went to lunch with my accountant, he ordered a bowl of insects.
    • Later he started picking out only the juicy ants and popping them like M&Ms in his mouth.
    • I asked, “What the hell are you doing?”
    • “I only handle finance,” he said.
  • After inhaling deeply, the salesman cleared his throat.
    • “Sir, what can I tell you? She had the cash ready, and she didn’t need any financing.”
    • At that moment, a young woman approached the senior couple and handed him the keys to their car.
    • “I told you I could get him to lower the price. Happy Father’s Day, dad!”
  • “My family is like a nation,” Mr. Jones told his colleague. “
    • My wife is the minister of finance, my mother-in-law is the minister of war, and my daughter is foreign secretary.”
    • “Sounds interesting,” his colleague replied.
    • “And what is your position?”
    • “I’m the people. All I do is pay.”
  • As a result, I am devastated that my son has chosen a career in financial services rather than assuming the family’s wheat farm.
    • He’s going against the grain.
  • I met with Greece’s finance minister, who sought my help regarding the country’s financial situation.
    • He asked me for my two cents.
  • During our partnership business, one of my friends had to raise some quick finance so that the management of the business would sleep through and not interfere.
    • So we took in a ‘sleeping’-partner.
  • Donald Trump should be challenged to finance the wall himself.
    • After all, a wall is really just a giant skyscraper on its side.
  • There are no Ginger Bankers, according to new research.
    • According to the survey results, many people want to work in finance, but can’t sell their souls to Satan.
  • A friend of mine specializes in finance and marine biology.
    • Having said that, he is a real Loan Shark, which makes borrowing cash from him a problem.
  • The survey results suggest there are no ginger bankers.
    • Although many wanted to work in finance, they weren’t able to sell their souls to Satan.
  • Finances aren’t usually something I boast about.
    • I am constantly being called by my credit card company that my balance is outstanding.
  • By waking up at midday, you save money that would have been spent on breakfast.
    • You can reach out to me for additional finance tips.
  • It’s pretty easy to study finance until you get to the class on sell-buyology.
  • British people always record their finances…
    • Because a camera adds ten pounds to the cost.
  • I’m so good at finances…
    • Even my bank says my account is outstanding.
  • Yo mama’s so intrinsic, she compounds every day.
    • All my finance majors out there.
  • Finances should never be handled by someone named “Bernie”.
    • The last one I knew Madoff with all my money.
  • I failed at my jam business.
    • My finances got spread too thin.

Hilarious Finance Jokes

  • What is the best way to make a small fortune in the stock market?
    • Start with a large one!
  • What caused the accountant and the calculator to break up?
    • Because he couldn’t count on it!
  • Bankers who are also great musicians are called?
    • A loan shark!
  • Is there a reason why the investor brought a ladder to the bank?
    • To check out the high-interest rates!
  • In a bear market, how do stock market experts stay calm?
    • They use polar bear futures!
  • Have you heard about the constipated financial planner?
    • He couldn’t budget.
  • A new gym is opening in the finance district. What do you call it?
    • Capital Gains.
  • When ants go missing, who do you call?
    • Department of Finance.
  • Have you heard about the crab’s financial troubles?
    • It was starting to feel the pinch.
  • What are some ways to spot someone working in finance?
    • He is usually wearing a suit and walking into or near a financial institution.
  • What makes Pandas so good at corporate finance?
    • Because they are all about P and A.
  • When stoners split a check, what do you call it?
    • High finance.

The Great Budget Battle

Author’s Note

Nobody can escape from the silly finance jokes, and we die laughing when we hear them. While we don’t encourage poor spending habits, and we would much rather you save money and be frugal, we can’t help but laugh at these silly finance jokes. 

I hope these finance jokes made you laugh. Here at Funny Jokes Today, we have created a lot of funny jokes for the entire family to enjoy! Below are more funny jokes that are perfect for your next bonding moments. And for complete collection, visit our website.

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